SB 2.17: The Gen3 Heir

Results of the Gen3 Heir Vote

For the last three days of the vote, the voting stayed the same.
That is, Edamame was one vote ahead of Dango.
Two minutes before the poll closed this morning, an additional vote for Dango resulted in a tie.

Dango clearly earned the most cadet votes.

I’m using HillieE’s legacy scoresheet to track my legacy sims and score.
Her Random Heir Generator gave me Edamame.
This result didn’t seem random enough.

Next, I went to to break the tie.
I rolled ten digits, with 1 representing Dango and 2 representing Edamame.
The instances of 1’s and 2’s were tallied for each group of ten.
Dango’s total appears on your left, with Edamame’s total on your right.
I repeated this process for 10 times total.

To summarize:
Tie          : 4 times (Five 1’s versus Five 2’s)
Dango     : 1 time (More 1’s than 2’s)
Edamame: 5 times (More 2’s than 1’s)
Note: I’m aware the tallies of two groups of 10 are wrong but it took forever to do those images. Also, my poor addition doesn’t change the results. *grins cheesily

Based on these results, Edamame will become this legacy’s next Sharebear heir.
She is the one who will attempt to “have had/adopted 10 children in one generation.”
Dango will definitely be staying as cadet.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote!
My apologies if the incoming heir and cadet are not whom you voted for.
I sincerely hope everyone will give their support to Edamame and Dango all the same.

SB 3.18: A Chivalrous Champion

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