TD 8.60: Scamp and the Skunks

A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen8, Virtua Lee

Week 43/Tuesday

Virtua: Today’s such a great day for a jog at the beach.
Scamp: Every day’s a great day for a job on the beach!
Virtua: But today’s a free day! I love when Papa and Auntie Paize help with the boys.

Scamp: You and Ricardo must be so proud of the boys!
Virtua: Indeed! They both earned Happy Toddler and gained great traits, too.
Scamp: So they’re doing Whiz Kids first?
Virtua: Yes. They’re stuck on Tier II now but will be maxing Mental today.

Stud: Why are we learning violin now, Gramps?
Guaca: You can’t switch aspirations yet, so we’re just helping you two with Creativity.
Paize: Right. Your mother can influence you to keep playing the violin after the free day, too.

Ricardo’s just waiting on royalties to finish Best-Selling Author now.
After writing his third bestseller, he quits the Writer career to become a stay-at-home dad.
He’s so lucky! His first two novels today were both best-sellers!
Ricardo: Hey, that’s not luck! That’s talent, dear!

After work, Bubb helps with authenticating artifacts and masters Archaeology.
I hope that means the Simsonsian Institute will be contacting him soon.


Baer: So, we’ve practiced typing for four hours. Now what?
Stud: Grandpa says we play Keyboard Commander until the free day ends.

Virtua: The free day ends then the boys master Motor just before school. (4 points)
I think that calls for a butler, don’t you? (3 points)

The boys both earn B’s on their first day of school. (5 points)
C’mon, let’s all play Party Frenzy to get rid of that stress!

Stud: This kinda makes it worth studying so hard today!
Baer: I didn’t even know we had a TV.
Virtua: Our watcher keeps all the fun stuff locked up or in storage.
Ricardo: Why would she do that?
*whistles innocently


I keep the butler and hire a gardener, too. (3 points)
What a surprise to discover that the gardener is my clubmate Masato!

Thanks to last night’s school projects, the boys earn A’s today. (5 points)
Look at their proud and happy faces! Why doesn’t Baer have a rainbow, too?

Ricard is such a good father! He immediately helps with homework, all on his own.
He completed Best-Selling Author this morning, by the way. (7 points)
Just to be on the safe side, I buy the Night Owl reward for both buys. (5 points)

It takes me forever to figure out why I can’t help Baer with his extra credit.
Turns out that brother Bubb’s helping him while treading water in the pool.
I never even knew that was possible!


Scamp: All this time and we still aren’t companions yet!
You’re just being nice to me so the readers will like you, right?
Virtua: I drop queues a lot and our watcher’s patience is wearing thin.
That’s why I thought that if I took you for lots of walks…

Scamp: Nah, you’ve not been doing too badly. *peeks at calendar for Stud’s teen birthday
Virtua: Our butler hates children but I’m too lazy to fire her. (4 points)

I’ve written excuse notes for the boys, so we all (except Bubb) spend the afternoon at Desert Bloom Park.
Bubb earns a promotion to Scientist 8. Way to go! (5 points)

Papa aged up to an elder five days ago.
Why do we get a message today that he’s in range for the Emotional Control trait?
He was probably playing the violin with emotion, but he has no birthdays left…

I only need one more fish to complete Angling Ace!
Taking along my never-weary brother Bubb, I head for the Willow Creek library.
It is a horrid decision, a tremendous waste of time!
Not only do I fail to catch my twentieth fish, but…

Scamp gets sprayed by a skunk then ages up to an elder.
We go home right away so I can bathe Scamp and feed him an Age-Down Treat.


Today, I decide to keep our butler until the free day. (4 points)

The sun is setting when I finally catch the last fish, a piranha.
Both Auntie Paize and I complete Angling Ace at the same time. (8 points)
As a result, I earn 1,000 satisfaction points but I buy Steel Bladder so I’m even. (8 points)

Everyone’s been doing whatever they please today, so they’re in a great mood.
Until, that is, we arrive at Chez Sul Sul for dinner.
Now everyone’s feeling tense!
The service could stand for a lot of improvement!
The wait staff keeps dropping other diners’ food on the floor.
Then, right around when a waiter leaves a stack of dirty dishes on our table, Scamp suffers another skunk attack.

Virtua: What’s with you and the skunks lately? Luckily, you only got sprayed, not bitten.
Scamp: It seems that the female skunks are drawn by my pheromones.
But then, when they realize I’m a dog, they get angry and spray me.
Virtua: For real?
Scamp: Eh, who wants to admit they got dissed by a skunk?

Week 44/Sunday

Baer: Ugh, I hate being stuck on Whiz Kid!
Stud: You and me both! Mama, can’t you influence us to make Emotion Potions?
Virtua: Unfortunately, I can’t. You know I would if I could, boys!

Stud: So, when’s the next free day?
Virtua: Tomorrow morning, if things go according to plan. (7 points, butler)

Virtua: Does it seem to you, Scamp, that Ricardo’s starting to obsess over Aarohi?
Who stands that close to listen to someone play the violin?
Scamp: Exactly how much time do you usually spend with Ricardo each day?
Virtua: Um, none.
Scamp: You need to fix that, girl. Also, ask Watchette to lock that Music Space to clubmates only.
Done! You’re welcome.

Virtua: I need another good friend but definitely NOT that Aarohi! Hmmph!
Scamp: What about Masato, your gorgeous gardener with the lousy traits?
V: How lousy?
Scamp: He’s a hot-headed romantic who hates children.
V: Well, I don’t need to make babies with the guy, you know! And he’s awfully handsome!
Are you taking notes, Ricardo? See how he and I become good friends without me all up in his face? (9 points)

You want me to give Masato a makeover, Virtua?
V: Heavens no! He’s too handsome already, even with that awful outfit and the dog ears!


Scamp: Sure, you occasionally drop queues here and there.
But all things considered, you’ve done a good job as heir, Virtua?
Virtua: You seriously think so? Then why doesn’t the watcher like me?
Scamp: Erm, oh that! You really wanna know?
Seems you take forever to start a queued action, but you drop queues like hot potatoes.

Anywaaaaay, I get home then drop some queues because I really want to play the violin.
But finally, I master Gourmet Cooking. (10 points)
Folks, our fourth free day is starting this very moment.
Kids, take a vacation day from school NOW!


Free Day #4 (10 points, 40/50)

Promotions (5):
Career (1): Bubb/Scientist 8
School (4):  Stud/B & A, Baer/B & A
Satisfaction (1): +1,000 sp
Good friends (1): Masato Maeda
Maxed skill/aspiration/job (12):
Skills (6): Virtua/Gourmet Cooking; Stud/Motor; Baer/Motor
Aspiration (6): Ricardo/Best-Selling Author, Virtua & Paize/Angling Ace
NPC hire (-6): Butler x5, Gardener x1
Satisfaction rewards (-3): Stud & Bubb/Night Owl; Virtua: Steel Bladder

TD 8.61: Virtually Free


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