SB 4.42: Nobody But You

Year 1, Winter 2

4.42: Nobody But You

Week 15/Sunday

Jaga: After returning from our stormy Granite Falls vacation, we spend a few hours at home to unpack and dry off.
Hakuto and Yesenia will be moving out soon, so they suggest trying to complete our fish collection.
We arrive at the Willow Creek Library in search of an anglerfish and a wolf eel.

The weather seems to thwart us wherever we go recently.
Rather, we are out of touch about where and when we can do certain activities.
Since it’s freezing out, fishing here is out of the question.
Whatever happened to chopping a circular hole in the ice to fish, like in the cartoons?

I’d invited along my acquaintances Takuya Sasaki (left) and Akito Yamaguchi (right).
My plan was for Kirsten and Liv to socialize with them while we adults go fishing.

I’ve known for some time now that Akito is a Master Vampire.
His Insider trait disqualifies him as a primary spouse.
Regardless, he’ll make a considerate master and marvelous trainer for Kirsten!
(Or I’ll break his neck…)

Behind the library, an ice skating rink and unattended food stall pop up.
Maybe we’ll all learn to ice skate someday, but not tonight.

Our mailman Takuya lacks unique traits, too, but Kirsten has fallen head over heels for him.
He doesn’t bring much to the table except for his good looks and his flamboyant Fabio hairstyle.
Apparently, that’s enough for Kirsten.  *shrugs
If Takuya agrees to become Kirsten’s primary spouse, our watcher promises to help with his traits.
All we can do now is hope that Takuya appreciates Kirsten’s many attributes.

Takuya (internally): I’ve only caught glimpses of Kirsten around the Sharebear villa before.
Why, then, do I get the feeling that this isn’t our first conversation?
And what is this undeniable chemistry we share? Is this some kind of magic spell?

Kirsten: I know we’ve just now met in this simverse, but you’ve been in my heart for so long.
Takuya: (What does that “in this simverse” mean? She talks as if other simverses exist.)
Kirsten: In three days, I become the Sharebear Legacy’s fifth-generation heir.
I’m still a teen so you don’t need to answer me right away but…
I want you to know that I can’t imagine myself with anyone else except you, Takuya.
Takuya: Whoa, whoa, hold on a minute. Can we get to know each other first?

Jaga: At a nearby table, Liv and Akito share nowhere near the same level of chemistry.
It’s no surprise. Initially, we’d hoped to move in Orfeu Garrido for his unique traits.
Then, Kirsten would have married Akito as her secondary spouse.

But Kirsten’s totally nixed the idea of Orfeu and insists that nobody but Takuya will do.
I mean, if she’s going for a guy with non-unique traits, why can’t she choose Akito? *sighs
Akito’s not only a  master vampire but he’s also a Level 10 Startup Entrepreneur.

Anyway, Maja and I have decided to let Kirsten follow her heart.

Takuya: What the heck is going on here, Kirsten?
One moment, you are saying that you can’t live without me.
Next thing I know, you’re letting that Akito dude suck on your neck.
Let me tell you, baby girl, I do NOT share!
Kirsten: *moans incoherently

Kirsten: I’m sorry, Takuya. It’s not at all what it looks like. I can explain everything!
Takuya: I’m listening…
Kirsten: You see, our legacy needs to complete three vampire aspirations and… *blah, blah, blah
Takuya: And while we’re vampires, we’ll stop ageing? How intriguing…


Jaga: Still hoping to get in some fishing, we head for Rest in Peace, our family cemetery.
It’s located near the entrance to Sylvan Glade in Willow Creek.
Takuya immediately begins shoveling snow. Is that because he’s active?
We also see the ghosts of Papa Jaxton and my beloved raccoon Ragnar.

Jaga: In perpetual mourning, I attempt to gain access to the entrance to Sylvan Glade.
Mathias: Mama, why is Papa talking to a tree?

Jaga: Here in the Glade, the weather is warm and partly cloudy.
What a relief to escape the terrible weather of late.
It’s so warm, in fact, that we begin overheating and must switch to our hot weather clothes.

Takuya: How sweet of you to invite me over to help you with your school project!

Kirsten (internally): Hah, my A grade today means I’m never returning to school.
Would he be offended that I chose this project so we can both boost our Painting skill?
Sssshhhh! I’ve decided that, once Takuya’s mine, he’ll be joining the Painter career.

Jaga: If we really push Mathias, he could become a Top-Notch Toddler.
But I don’t want him to spend every waking moment being pressured to achieve, you know?
His toddlerhood only lasts 2 more days–let him spend that time as he wishes!
Happy Toddler doesn’t offer the 25% career boost, but it’s good enough.

Takuya: That three of us will be doing the three vampire aspirations disturbs me.
Mostly because what little I know about the vampire lifestyle comes from TV or film.
Like, I hope that creature up there on the screen is a zombie, and not a vampire.
I would give up almost everything to be with Kirsten, but not my hair!

How long will Kirsten and I need to remain vampires? And what about our children?
So many questions, but I’m saving them until after I’ve moved in.


Takuya: Can you keep a secret, gentle readers?
I’m quite crazy about Kirsten but I’ve been playing it cool. I mean, how would it look?
She’s still a high schooler. It would seem creepy of me to pursue her, don’t you think?
So instead, I let her think that she’s persuaded me to become BFFs.
Once she’s a young adult, I can show her how I really feel.

Jaga: Thanks for mentoring me so I could max painting, Ikura.
You’d have done a better job with the memorial portraits, I know, but I wanted to paint them myself.
Ikura: No problem. Anyway, now we can both mentor painting.
Jaga: If you are planning to start a family, Ikura, you only have a day left to choose someone yourself.
Ikura: Only a day left? Then I better get moving! *pulls out his phone

Jaga: What? You have someone in mind? Why haven’t you ever mentioned her to me?
Ikura: Is this the Jensen residence? Oh, hello, Mallory! Could you come over? It’s rather urgent…

Jaga: Malloy Jensen? The daughter of Maja’s brother Magnus? My niece?
Ikura: Hey, the watcher and I did hours of research on the topic of our relatedness.
Since Magnus is your wife’s brother, he’s your brother-in-law and his daughter Mallory’s your niece.
Though your wife Maja’s my sister-in-law, however, that doesn’t make Magnus my brother-in-law.
So his daughter Mallory and I aren’t related by blood or by law.

Jaga: Bbbuuuttt, Mallory is still a teenager! She’s the same age as Kirsten and Liv!
Ikura: Uh huh, that’s why I’ve invited her over.
Maja: Hush, Jaga. You have our blessings, Ikura. You are kind, diligent and thoughtful. You’ll make a great father.
My niece would not find a better match anywhere.

Hakuto: So will you and Mallory be living with us in Chateau Frise?
Ikura: Nope. I’ve bought us a sweet little 3-bedroom hacienda in Oasis Springs.
Mallory moved there earlier this morning.

Jaga (mutters): This is what happens when our simverse doesn’t offer enough attractive spouse options!

Some of our fish had disappeared since our founder completed Angling Ace ages ago.
At the Forgotten Grotto, Liv and I respectively catch a wolf eel and an anglerfish.
My brothers, Maja, and I complete Angling Ace.
And our fish collection lacks only one fish.

For now, though, we need to take Mathias home so he can eat and rest.

Kirsten: The instant I step inside the house, my transformation begins!
Wretched wolfbane!  What tasteless fiend chose my dark form anyway?!
This calls for an immediate makeover. I can’t wait until my birthday tomorrow!

Jaga: I return to Desert Bloom Park with my brothers, leaving everyone else at home.
What a surprise that I’m the one to catch the last fish, a red-tailed black shark!
No need to stay here a moment longer.

There’s nothing really pressing to do until the girls’ birthdays tomorrow morning.
could take my brothers and Liv to Selvadorada for a last-ditch attempt for more artifacts.
But no, we’re going to take it slow today and prepare for the next generation.

Later today, my beloved wife Maja, my brothers, and Hakuto’s wife Yesenia move out.
Once they’re settled in their new homes, we can perhaps regroup this evening.


Legacy Score: unchanged
Nature (0): completed Fish collection

Chapter Notes
*I’m really surprised at how quickly the weather changes. Is it due to the Short lifespan?
My sims alternate between freezing and overheating almost every day.
*In fall and winter, my sims can do very little outdoors due to the rain, storms, and snow.
They’d like more fall and winter activities besides roller/ice skating.
I’m replacing now-useless venues (like Bath de Rille) with venues friendlier to cold
Or my sims can just spend all spare time in Selvadorada, lol.
*I would love a community venue for indoor toddler playdates.
*Thanks to Hakuto’s situation, I learned today that my sister-in-law’s sister is my
brother’s sister-in-law, but she is no blood or legal relation of mine. Hah!

We’re very close to the girls’ young adult birthdays. I can’t wait.

SB 4.43: A Time Slip for Real (Watcher’s Note)

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