SB 4.43: A Time Slip for Real (Watcher’s Note)

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen4, Jaga Sharebear

I’m more than halfway done with the next update, which will be the last update for Generation 4.
However, I’ve run into a weird glitch in my game which I’d like to briefly explain before I continue playing.

As you know, I always mark the progress of story-time by week and day.
As readers, you probably don’t notice the week/day headings that much at all.
I find it extremely useful for keeping track of births, birthdays, seasons, the temporal coverage of updates, and so forth.
Of course, Seasons has given us the calendar but I usually note significant dates in OneNote for the timespan of the in-progress update.

Anyway, my previous update ended on Tuesday afternoon.
In the following, I’m sharing only screenshots I found in my Recycle Bin which have timestamps:

Sunday (Winter 1)
After the family celebrated Founder’s Day and Liz caught a few more bugs in Granite Falls, the family ended their vacation and went home.
In the evening, they left for the Willow Creek Library to fish. No success.

Several household members had the Angling Ace aspiration, including Hakuto and Ikura, and were eager to finish it.
Late Sunday evening and again on Monday, they visited Sylvan Glade to fish.

Very early Tuesday, they went fishing again at the Forgotten Grotto.
They went home after completing Angling Ace. Mathias needed to go potty and eat.
While they were home, Kirsten transformed into a vampire.

A few hours later, the brothers went fishing at Desert Bloom Park where Jaga immediately completed the fish collection.
The brothers headed home right away, after which four household members prepared to move out.
At this point, I saved/exited the game for the night.
In game, it was Tuesday afternoon and all 3 kids were a day away from their birthdays on Wednesday.

A New Gaming Session: Tuesday
Today, I reloaded the game and resumed playing from Tuesday afternoon.
After moving Hakuto and Yesenia to Chateau Frise in the late afternoon, I tried to move one of their kids out.
But a sim in the target household was on vacation, and the game asked me if I wanted to their end their vacation.
I clicked enter and my game crashed.

Monday (Again)
After rebooting my game and playing for a sim-hour or so, I realized that the in-game day had gone back one day.
Not only is it Monday morning (again) but all 3 kids are still one day away from their birthdays on Tuesday.

I thought that perhaps I had loaded the wrong file, but I checked the fish collection which I completed yesterday (irl) on Tuesday.
And guess what? It’s complete on Monday now, just like it had previously been complete on Tuesday.

Are you as confused as I am yet?
So…I don’t really know what happened but my Sharebears have moved back one day in time to Monday (irl today), while retaining everything that had happened up to late Tuesday afternoon (irl yesterday).
My apologies if you find this all incredibly boring.
Since the Sharebears project is about parallel realities and my legacy story contains several backward or parallel time slips, I thought this was a very weird glitch, indeed.
It also bothers me like crazy to have the previous update end on Tuesday, with the next update going back to Monday. Now you know why. *sighs
Tomorrow, I will be posting a “real update.”

SB 4.44: Remembering

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