SB 4.44: Remembering

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen4, Jaga Sharebear

Week 15/Tuesday

Jaga: The other adults in the household are almost done packing to move out.
I will stay in the house a while longer to help with my son Mathias and Kirsten’s future children.

For Kirsten’s protection, we’re waiting until nightfall to go out to dinner.
Meanwhile, Kirsten asks the nanny for a bite to eat.

I’d invited Akito over to train Kirsten, but he won’t come.
We get an absurd message that he’s unable to go out because he’s a vampire.
He’s a master vampire without full sunlight resistance!?
Kirsten makes do by casting hallucinations on everyone in the house. Nobody is spared.

Maja has decided against moving to Chateau Frise with Hakuto and Yesenia.
Their kids will be young adults soon, so that house will get crowded fast.

Ikura and her niece Mallory have a smaller home in the much warmer Oasis Springs.
It’s a lovely Spanish-style hacienda called Casa de Ruthless.
They’ve kindly invited my beloved Maja to join them, so she decides to move there instead.

Meanwhile, Hakuto and Yesenia are tying up a few loose ends before moving.
Yes, they already have teenage triplets, but wait until you meet their daughter!

Hakuto: Hmmmm, confetti coming through the wall from the bathroom.
May I safely assume, dearest Yesenia, that you’re eating for two?
Yesenia: *returns to bedroom and shares the big news
Hakuto: Once Kirsten has done her vampire ya-ya on us, let’s move out, shall we?

Note: As I explained in the last “update,” my game crashes not long after Hakuto and Yesenia move out.
After rebooting the game, it is now Monday morning instead of late Tuesday afternoon.

Jaga: Liv manages to bring Akito to the house by adding him to her Good Timers club.
After Kirsten asks him for vampiric training, he free-ranges until she can request training again.

Akito: Well, hello there, gorgeous! My name’s Sims 4…may I crash at your place tonight?
Alexa: I’m still a teen so maybe ask my father Hakuto? He’s right over there.

Takuya: Hey, aren’t you going to be Liv’s cadet spouse, bro?
Akito: Look, I’m bringing my maxed career and master vampire rank. I’m a cadet spouse in name only.
Besides, that Liv doesn’t like boys…

Jaga: After dark, I invite the family out for dinner, as planned.
We arrive at a new Japanese restaurant in Newcrest named Miyabi, which means “elegance.”
Maja: Why are we standing outside in the snow in our formal wear? It’s freezing!

Kirsten: It’s so cool seeing everyone in their formal wear.
Poor Takuya is stuck sitting between my parents. I hope they don’t interrogate him.

Jaga: Tomorrow, Kirsten becomes a young adult and the official fifth-generation Sharebear heir.
Tonight, on the eve of a new stage in our legacy, I’ve invited you here to remember the past.
I especially want Takuya and Akito to learn of our legacy’s history since they’ll be joining us soon.

Earlier this morning, I ran into my mother in a room that I always keep locked.
(I still can’t believe how she tricked me into giving her that poisoned floral arrangement.)

Anyway, her presence reminded me that the founder did a retrospect on her generation’s achievements.
But my grandfather Benicio and mother Edamame never did so.
Perhaps because life raising so many children was too hectic?
I believe tonight’s the right moment to reflect on what the Gen2 and Gen3 heirs accomplished.

Benicio Sharebear was a sim of many talents who achieved numerous firsts.
For example, he was the first in our Sharebear legacy to set foot on Sixam.
Altogether, he personally maxed 29 skills, 12 aspirations, and both the Fast Food and Interstellar Smuggler careers.

Thanks to our crazy watcher, each of our legacy’s leaders have travelled to a parallel reality.
Our founder Sherilee received a mysterious oracle as part of a dream divination in Selvadorada.

Soon after becoming the heir, Benicio found himself stranded in Dagobah.
Benicio was then forced to prove his worth by the sagely Yoda, who turned out to be our watcher in disguise.
So far, he’s the only one of us lucky enough to have visited Yoda’s Hut.

Benicio’s life was very close to, but not quite, perfection.
Instead of marrying for love, he chose to wed a Chief of Staff with three unique traits.
The watcher and founder both rejoiced over Benicio’s sacrifice as the doctor career is time-consuming.
Benicio treated his wife with indifference after she gave birth to their triplet daughters.
On the other hand, Mariko was forever entranced by Benicio’s…achievements. *coughs

Benicio will always hold a special place in the watcher’s heart.
He is her first sim ever to complete the Archaeology Scholar aspiration.
Wherever Benicio went, the women stopped and sighed at his…toolbelt.
Living at the legacy house until his elder birthday, he loved, nurtured, and mentored his kids and grandkids at every opportunity.
He was a greatly beloved and respected sim!

Mama Edamame and her sisters also had odd dream experiences.
In a parallel universe, Edamame’s jailed for having taunted both the Chief of Police and a Senior Detective.
She meets her cellmate, Sherilee Darebear who reveals startling news.
A multiverse of paraellel realities exists, each with a different flavor and style.
Darebears, Werebears, and Carebears, oh my!

Due to Benicio’s Patriarch trait, Edamame currently holds the record for the sim with the most maxed skills (31) and aspirations (20).
Ever a troublemaker, she was also a loving sister and thoughtful daughter.
She was first to complete the Chief of Mischief and Public Enemy aspirations and the Babysitter and Criminal/Boss careers.

Unlike her father Benicio, Edamame was extremely blessed in the marriage department.
An ambitious, klepto glutton, she leaped headlong in love with the squeamish, lazy loner Jaxton Faust.
The watcher claims she’s never played a couple with such lousy traits.
No one doubted the deep bonds of love, trust, and passion that Edamame and Jaxton shared.

Edamame and Jaxton shouldered the burden of adopting/having 10 kids for the legacy.
They raised 5 adoptees and 5 naturally-born kids who earned both points in the Parenthood category.
This couple played hard, worked harder, and even engineered the 10th death type (by cardiac arrest).

Takuya: I never realized what a strange yet wondrous family this is.
Jaga: Well, there are other Sharebear legacies, too, and they each possess a unique flair.
It’s been great sharing these memories of the past with everyone here tonight.
Everyone: *nods happily

Takuya: And what about your time-slip experience, sir?
Jaga: Oh, please call me Jaga or, even better, Dad. I’ll tell you all about mine another time!


We’re almost done with our meal when, unexpectedly, the girls’ birthday notices arrive around 1:30 am.
It takes us a while to clear the table to make room for a birthday cake.
Too bad we can’t have two at a time, like at home!
Kirsten goes first, ageing up into a music lover, insider, and foodie.

Liv steps up to the birthday cake next.
She ages up into an outdoor-loving, family-oriented genius.

Back home, the girls ask Takuya and Akito to move in. Of course, they both agree:
Takuya moves in out of love for Kirsten, Akito with hope of the legacy’s support to better himself.

Takuya is an active sim who shares the cheerful and cat lover traits with our founder’s spouse Jose.
That’s why I offer him a Re-Traiting Potion left by Papa Jaxton. Totally the watcher’s idea…

But first, I anxiously re-roll Takuya’s traits.
The fates are with us and Takuya is granted three unique traits!

Keeping his original Nerd Brain aspiration, he is now a geek, art lover, and music lover.

Takuya: What would have happened if I’d rolled a non-unique trait?
Kirsten: Let’s not think about that. We’ve got some rejoicing to do, baby boy!
I’d never tried a Re-traiting Potion on a potential primary spouse before. We got lucky!

What a relief that the Re-Traiting Potion proved a fabulous success!
With Takuya in the house as primary spouse, I can unveil my portraits of Kirsten and him.

May Kirsten and company bring this legacy to ever greater heights.
One major goal of this fifth generation consists of completing the last four aspirations.
That is, Outdoor Enthusiast, Master Vampire, Good Vampire, and Vampire Family.
I wonder what other surprises the new generation holds in store for us?


Legacy Score: +3 (84 points)
Family (1): The Gen5 heir Kirsten reaches young adulthood
Creative (1): Portraits by Jaga Sharebear to memorialize Kirsten and Takuya
Love (1): Takuya Sasaki’s brings 3 unique traits (Geek, Art Lover, Music Lover)

Amazing Lots
“Casa de Ruthless” by ruthless_kk (Gallery)
“Japanese Restaurant 雅” by Momofy (Gallery). The name is read “Miyabi.”

Chapter Notes
*Happily, Kirsten and Liv received their “Celebrate birthday” notices in rapid succession.
If they hadn’t, I would have aged up the second one with the first. *shrugs
*In retrospect, it’s a good thing that Edamame married Jaxton and not Elektro/Elektra.
Elektra aged up from a toddler with Takuya’s exact same traits: Geek, Art Lover, Music Lover.
What a strange coincidence!
*We’re allowed to use a Re-Traiting Potion on a primary spouse in hope of re-rolling unique traits, like I did for Takuya.
*Also, on Pinstar’s Legacy website, I inquired about the scenario of the evil, unflirty, snob vampire, Orfeu.
Could I move him in for his unique traits, then use a Re-traiting Potion to get better          traits to pass on to his children?
Pinstar’s answer was NO.
Whatever traits we apply to the Love category must remain until the next heir is born.
After that we can re-trait without affecting the Love category’s points.

Up next: Soooo very much happened soon after the girls’ birthdays!
Mathias the toddler also ages up to a child on Tuesday. Scouting here we come!
I’m thinking that Kirsten should bring along Takuya for her time-slip adventure,                     whatever that may be. *waggles eyebrows

SB 5.45: Wait a Minute, Mr. Postman

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  2. Thank you for stopping by! That history challenge is interesting to read but too cc-intensive for me.
    Your idea of including a time jump either back or forth in time would be great fun!
    Lately, I’ve been considering starting a Time Lords Challenge. Each Time Lord begins at the adult stage and regenerates before the elder birthday, which feels short (24 days?). The brevity might motivate me to commit to a realistic time jump for every Time Lord, though.
    I’ve only watched 2 episodes of Dr Who so far, haha. I need to watch more of that first, I guess.


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