SB 6.60: Two, Too Adorable

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen6, Omu Sharebear

Week 18/Saturday

We’re still at Miyabi, enjoying free food and drinks as part of the Night on the Town holiday.
Purin works on her Good Deeds badge by telling jokes.
I warn her not to tell jokes to Amanda, Negi, or I since we have so many happy moodlets.
One joke could easily make us hysterical.
Instead, she addresses her jokes at Papa, Grandpa, and Grandma.

Kirsten: Why aren’t you eating, Amanda?
The holiday ends at 2 a.m. You need to finish your meal by then. Something wrong?
Amanda: I’m not sure. It’s that pink-haired bartender we passed on the way in.
He looks so familiar, but I can’t remember where I’ve seen him before. Hmmmm…

Back home, Negi reaches a momentous decision after much soul-searching.
He abandons his beloved Art Critic career to become a Journalist instead.
But why, Negi? You’re a materialistic snob! You’d make a perfect art critic!

Negi: With Amanda in the Gardener career, only 2 work-from-home jobs remained.
Now, the last three Sharebear heirs can each join a work-from-home career!
Omu: You’re right: Art Critic, Charity Organizer, and Internet Celebrity!
You’re a saint, Negi. You know that?

When Amanda goes into labor, I dash around in pre-natal panic.
She gives birth to twin girls, just as we’d hoped! Thank you, strawberries!

Continuing the tradition of Japanese food names, our firstborn’s name is Raichi (Rye-chee).
It’s the Japanese name for the Chinese fruit Lychee (in pinyin, lizhi).

We named our second daughter Shiso (rhymes with “miso”).
Shiso leaves are typically served as garnish with sashimi (raw fish slices).
You’ve seen and tasted shiso before, right?

Look at those sparkling grandparents!
My parents ask Amanda and I to step aside so they can socialize with the girls.
After that, they just need two more grandkids for Big Happy Family.
Negi and I have already completed Renaissance Sim.
But we can still benefit from their Matriarch and Patriarch traits, especially Purin.

I leave for my first day of work.
It’s great that my parents are off today to help out with the girls.
And, since it’s not raining, Amanda can finish off Angling Ace this morning!

Speaking of not raining, who the heck goes jogging with an umbrella?
Papa has full sunlight resistance and the Wetproof trait. He doesn’t need an umbrella!
Watcher, make him return his umbrella to the stand!

You can tell we don’t use the wedding arch much. It’s scorched by lightning and nobody even noticed!

Our little sister Purin, off to her first Scouts meeting.
She’s such a pretty girl, Papa’s been in quite a tizzy.
Lately, he’s been making noise about the need to home-school her.
Truthfully, he just doesn’t want Purin associating with boys her age.

Purin: Admit it, Omu! I know the real reason you want me to learn piano, not violin.
Omu: You’re absolutely right! I’m mentoring you to boost my Parenting skill.
Purin: Ugh, is that nanny texting you again? Doesn’t she understand you’re married?
Omu: As usual, she’s outrageously oblivious! Why would I go to the gym with her?

Week 19/Sunday

We really don’t understand how Amanda’s career works.
An hour before her shift, she gets a promotion and is prompted to choose a career branch.
Choosing Floral Designer, she receives a new daily task.
She chooses to work from home again and receives a work-from-home assignment.

Then, she continues helping Purin start her Whiz Kid aspiration.
But once she completes her work-from-home assignment, she’s no longer allowed to work from home.
That is, the “Working from home” phrase vanishes from her work menu.
Oh well, she prepares to leave for work without reaching Level 2 Flower Arranging.

Just when Amanda’s shift is about to start, we get the girls’ birthday notices.
Raichi and Shiso are identical twins, both with my grey eyes.
Grandma Maja was the first to introduce that eye color to the Sharebear household.
The girls inherited their mother’s brown hair.

Kirsten: I know that, as the active heir, Omu is the one who should be narrating.
But I just need to get something off my chest. It’s about my daughter-in-law, Amanda.
She’s insisted on joining a career because she doesn’t want to be a dedicated caregiver.
But, my word, she learns skills at a snail’s pace! I’ve never met anyone so slow!

Kirsten: She takes forever to boost her career-related skills!
Which means she spends all her time skilling while the rest of us pick up her slack.
We’ve even had to put Purin in charge of cleaning!

Raichi and Shiso are toddlers now–they need as much parenting as possible.
We buy Amanda a Flowerl Arranging skill book to reach Level 4 quicker.
And how many wash tubs, dryers, and washing machines did we buy to fulfill her whims?
She finally has enough satisfaction to purchase Morning Sim and Night Owl plus Savant.

Kirsten: Takuya and I have jobs, too, you know!
Once we leave for work, my poor son looks after the girls single-handedly.
He stubbornly refuses to hire that dodgy nanny who keeps texting him.
People say that a mother is never satisfied with her daughter-in-law.
But can you blame me?

Omu: Don’t worry, Mama. Amanda’s just had a rough start. She’ll be fine with the kids!
And speaking of kids, congrats on completing Big Happy Family.

Negi: My wife Celeste’s given birth to a girl and boy, who she named Norah and Markus.
And yeah, I swore I wouldn’t do another look-at-the-back-of-my-head aspiration.
But since I’m in the Writer career, I might as well do Best-Selling Author, right?

Omu: Sorry for spamming the career notices, people, but this is big news!
Upon earning their Level 8 promotions tonight, my parents choose their career branches.
Mama’s not a Top-Notch Toddler so she doesn’t have any boost with career promotions.
But since she’s the Gen5 heir, she opts for the 11-level Villain branch.
Meanwhile, Papa goes the 10-level Diamond Agent route.


Look how proud and happy my wife Amanda looks as she leaves for work.
Hey wait, why is she strutting off to work like that?
Didn’t she say she would only be working from home?
Luckily, my parents are both off today, but Amanda really needs to help more with the toddlers!
Good thing she has the next two days off!

And here are our little angels! Aren’t they adorable?

Chapter Notes

Amanda: I regret now having her join a career right away.
I should have had her wait until the twins aged up to children.
Still, it took her all day to reach Level 4 Flower Arranging. I’m not sure why.
Every previous spouse has maxed charisma and their career-related skills just fine.

Vampires late for work: I need to be careful to stagger my vampires’ departures for work.
When they leave the house at the same time, they won’t go to work readily.
Instead, they open their umbrellas and start running back to the house. Grrrr.
Actually, it’s not just vampires who run back to the house.

Pregnancy and nooboo stage: I’ve shortened both using MCCC.
I’ve set MCCC to shorten the default three-day pregnancy to two days.
Due to my Short Lifespan setting, MCCC auto-halves the nooboo stage to one day.
I took some breaks from simming lately, during which time I completely forgot the length of these stages.
Since I needed a reminder, I thought you might like one, too.

Extreme weather: You may notice that I’ve stopped whining about thunderstorms.
That’s because I’ve disabled thunderstorms and blizzards in this particular save. Hah!

SB 6.61: Last-Chance Toddlers


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