SB 7.80: Avast Ye, It’s an Heir Vote!

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen7, Shiso Sharebear

So, it’s agreed, then? You’ll look after the boys for a day or two?
JS: Blimey, why me? Are ye tryin’ to run a rig on me, bucko?
Do I look to ye like a babysitter fer landlubbers?

Of course not. But, you see, each Sharebear generation goes on a wild and wondrous adventure.
Who better to guide these boys than you? You’re the consummate adventurer!

CJ: Well, since ye put it that way!

CJ: Ahoy there! Show a leg! Do ye plan to sleep yer lives away? C’mon now, laddies! Look lively!
Tristan (still half asleep): Where are we? Who are you?
CJ: Yer in me hideout on me secret pirate cove, if ye must know. As fer who I am…

CJ: Me name’s Cap’n Jack Sparrow, one of the nine Pirate Lords of the Seven Seas.
I’m courageous, cunning, conniving, perceptive…
Tarlock: Hold on there, Cap’n. Isn’t this update ‘sposed to be about US, the heir candidates?
CJ: Well, yeah, but ye need to know who yer guide is, don’t ye?

Teagan: But why you instead of Connor MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod?
Tristan: Yeah! Weren’t we gonna be the Men-in-Kilts generation?
Tarlock: Don’t you know we bear Celtic names? What about our tartans?

CJ: Arrrrr, I should flog you scurvy lil landlubbers for insultin’ me honor!
Fine! Ye wanna run around screaming, “There can be only one!,” like a madman?
Meanwhile, every scallywag and their matey will be trying to behead you.
Be me guests, laddies! I’ll just be off to plunder and pillage…

Tarlock: Wait, wait, Cap’n Jack. I think we’ve suddenly warmed to the idea of pirating.
But why do you get the cool pirate outfit while we’re stuck with Spooky Party rags?
CJ: Because I’m the original pirate, that’s why!

Teagan (whispers): He’s a mashup of the Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards and PewdiePie.
Tristan: Not PewdiePie, silly! You mean the Disney skunk named Pepe LePew.
Tarlock: Yeah, yeah, close enough, whatever!. Let’s get back to the main topic. US!

CJ: Ye laddies are sorely testing this ole seadog’s patience!

Tristan: Let’s say we sign up for this pirate bizness. Where do you take us? Where will we go?
CJ: Wherever we want to go, we’ll go!
Tarlock: Let’s go swash some buckles!
Teagan: Yeah, let’s go shiver us some timbers!

CJ: Here we are at Ye Olde Pirate Restaurant, which I’ve taken over for my personal use.
(internally): I can’t really be seen out in public with these noobs now, can I?

CJ: So, Tristan, tell me ’bout yerself.
Tristan: I’m a lot like my father, Orfeu, who’s an evil, unflirty, snob.
As a young adult, I’ll also be an unflirty snob, but neat like Mama.

CJ: Arrrrr, that’s boring! Gimme all yer lowdown and dirty scuttlebutt, boy!
Tristan: Hmmm, let’s see. My father’s a born vampire who lives in Forgotten Hollow.
As children, I beat my brothers in earning all the scout badges.

CJ: Future plans?
Tristan: I wanted to be a Stylist but the career isn’t available yet.
So, instead, I’ve set my heart on becoming a classical pianist.
CJ: Can ye play any sea shanties?
Tristan: Um, excuse me?
CJ: A handsome, upright, and extremely talented snorefest. *zzzzzz

CJ: Ahoy there, Tarlock! I see you’ve already found yerself a pirate wench!
Tarlock: Not really, Cap’n. She’s just a friend from high school. Annabelle Amor.
CJ: Blimey! Why are ye lads so dead? Have ye nothing to say fer yerself?
Tarlock: Erm, my father’s a born vampire who lives with us. He’s a comedian.

CJ: Eh, who cares? Why should anyone pick ye for the next heir, lad? Convince me!
Tarlock: Gah, my chances of being chosen are practically zero.
I’m Outgoing like Papa and a Music-Lover like Mama, but then I get the Hates Children trait. *sighs
CJ: I can see how that might hold ye back, seeing as an heir should be close to his children.
And to the children of his siblings as well.
Tarlock: I’ll still be useful! I plan to max the Pro Athlete career, even though I’m a Music Lover.
CJ: Sorry to hear that, bucko. Maybe you’ll max your career quicker and move out?

CJ: Well, Teagan, what’s special about you?
Teagan: Me? I’m Outgoing and Self-Assured then later I become Family-Oriented.
CJ: Hey, you wanna go to the poop deck? The view’s better from there.
Teagan: The poop deck? Oh, thank heavens! I’ve been wondering where the toilet is!
CJ: Uh no, the poop deck is…never mind, son, never mind.

CJ: Yer brothers have been boring me stiff. Ye got any juicy scuttlebutt fer me?
Teagan: Well, I bet you didn’t know that Grandpa Omu tried to woohoo with my father!
CJ: Sink me, heartie! That’s not juicy, that’s disgusting!
Teagan: Oh. Did I tell you that I wanna become an Internet Personality?

CJ: Oh yeah? Why’d ye pick that? You like surfing the web?
Teagan: Not really. But the only other career is Charity Organizer.
That career only requires Charisma 10, so I thought I’d leave it for the heir’s spouse.
CJ: Looks like I’m better off hearing yer scuttlebutt, boy. Out with it!

CJ: This is Tortuga Bay, hearties. I dwell here when I want to be close to civilization.
Tarlock: We’re not going to be going on any adventures, I guess.
CJ: Nah. Ye boys can neither sail a ship nor wield a cutlass.
We’ll just take it easy and chat so’s your readers can get to know ye a tad better.
Teagan: It’s a lovely place, Cap’n!

CJ: So, are ye boys getting excited about becoming young adults?
Tarlock: Tsk, we’re like a month too early for the Get Famous pirates!
Tristan: Yeah, if we could Get Famous, we could duel and stuff!

CJ: Oh really? Would you be able to plunder booty as well?
Teagan: No, cuz we’re still teens. Papa says to wait until we’re young adults for booty calls.
CJ: Uh, no, Teagan. I mean booty as in pirate treasure…Oh, just forget about it! *rolls eyes

CJ: Well, what about those four girls you know? I hear yer Mama has a primary spouse in mind.
Tarlock: Yeah, so one of the four might be the secondary spouse.
Teagan: I accidentally kissed Rita (left) at the Romance Festival two days ago.
But we’re just friends now. Whoever’s heir gets to pick their secondary spouse.

CJ But what about their traits?
Tristan: Rita is a vegetarian snob, while blond Annabelle is an outgoing perfectionist.

Tarlock: You never can tell whether a sim will  make a good spouse without all 3 traits.
Tristan: Camila (left) is an outdoor-loving perfectionist.
Teagan: Dark-haired Corinee’s already a young adult, but she’s not an eligible spouse option.

CJ: Why not? She’s pretty enough!
Tristan: Yes, she’s creative and self-assured but now she hates children.
Tarlock: Ouch!

CJ: Well, I can see that ye three boys have very different looks and personalities.
Teagan: Of course we look different! We have different fathers, remember?
CJ: How could I forget? Your generation is where interesting comes to die. *sighs
I’m just kidding. I’m sure any of you would make a great heir or not.. I guess. Whatever.

Please vote for the Gen8 heir!

Shared achievements
All three boys are Top-Notch Toddlers who completed all four childhood aspirations.
As children, they maxed all four aspiration and also maxed (then quit) Scouting.

Tristan Sharebear

Father: Orfeu Garrido
Coloring: Father’s dark brown hair, darkbrown eyes, and pale skin.
First aspiration: The Curator (done)
Maxed skills: Logic, Charisma, Piano, Violin, Painting, Video Gaming
Career-related skill requirements: Comedy 3, Violin 10, Piano 8
Other remarks:
I am much cuter now that I have a moustache.
Since our legacy has finished every skill and every aspiration, traits and looks are all that matter.
And, by the way, don’t let my traits scare you. Being unflirty or snobbish is no biggie.
Grandpa Omu is unflirty; Great-Great-Grandpa Jaga and Grand-Uncle Negi were snobs. Choose me!

Tarlock Sharebear

Father: Elvain VonCarloff
Coloring: Father’s red hair, green eyes, and medium skin tone.
First aspiration: Chief of Mischief (done)
Maxed skills: Logic, Charisma, Mischief, Piano, Vampire Lore, Violin, Wellness; Fitness 8
Career-related skill requirements: Charisma 10, Fitness 10
Other remarks:
Because I’m a green-eyed ginger, I know I’d win the heir if it weren’t for my traits.
An heir who hates children may be able to raise their own children but won’t socialize well with nieces and nephews.
I cannot say that I’d be a better heir than my brothers but…Choose me?

Tristan Sharebear

Father: Ronan (Ponce) Sharebear
Coloring: Mother’s grey eyes with father’s black hair and darker skin tone
First aspiration: Friend of the World (done)
Maxed skills: Charisma, Handiness, Logic, Piano, Video Gaming, Violin; Mischief 8
Career-related skill requirements: Charisma 8, Video Gaming 7, Mischief (or Comedy) 7
Other remarks:
Since I’ve done Friend of the World, the logical career for me would be Charity Organizer.
However, our tradition is to leave the easier careers for the move-in spouses, as I explained above.
By the way, I have rolled the best three traits, without a doubt Choose me!

CJ: Well, laddies. It’s been a pleasure getting to know ye.
May the best heir candidate win! *poofs back to pirate cove


Your vote would be greatly appreciated!
To cast your vote, click on the link below to go to the heir poll on an external website.
It will only take a few seconds!


Gallery Downloads
“Johnny Depp NOCC” by SakuraLeon
“Pirate Cove” by njkeihn (50×50, slightly modified)
“Ye Olde Pirate Restaurant” by Jol1990yt (40×30)
“Ahoy, Tortuga Bay!” by Jadeiam (40×30)

Custom Content
“Pirate Costume Set” by OranosTR (TSR)
“Pirate Sweetheart Costume” by Zuckerschnute20 (TSR)
“Captain Jack Sparrow hair S4” by necrodog (MTS)
“Captain Jack Sparrow and Shavo beards S4” by necrodog (MTS)

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