Mori 1.1: Impoverished

Week 1/Sunday

Kaoru: Okay, so first things first.
I need to earn $200 to buy that knight statue, consider my spousal options, and start earning enough cash to furnish my currently empty lot with the essentials.
I think I can more or less combine all three tasks…

To explore the local talent, I begin with a brief visit to the Perfect Balance Spa which, unfortunately, is staffed entirely by premade sims.
Catching frogs at Magnolia Blossom Park quickly nets me my initial $200, though I have other plans for long-term income generation.
Slippery little devils! Still, I’ve caught 10 out of 25 total frog types already!

When two new townies show up at the park, I introduce myself.
The blonde Shauna Herndon’s mono-brow could be fixed using a mirror. The dark-haired Tammy Haskinsl is rather fetching.
But the problem with both ladies is that they’re already adults!

At Desert Bloom Park in Oasis Springs, my frog collection reaches 16 types but all the premade sims and “not young adult female” sims from Magnolia Blossom Park seem to have followed me over here.
Even that elderly gardener lady, Leigh Sniper!

And then I see her stroll by past the trees….the young adult Anita Kang! It’s love at first peek!
My own traits are Genius, Loves the Outdoors, and Cheerful. I’m shocked to discover that the unemployed Anita’s traits are Cheerful, Loves the Outdoors, and Materialistic.
W: Seriously, Kaoru, this is as good as it can get in terms of compatibility with a Gen1 spouse, love!

I pour on the charm and she agrees to move in to my…..erm, empty lot. (What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her, right?)
With my Soulmate aspiration and Anita’s Leader of the Pack aspiration, we are off to a running start!
But before the romancing begins, she launches our new legacy club and we’re off to fish.

I can’t believe this is still the first day of the legacy! So very much has happened! I’ve met my future spouse with perfect traits and an easy aspiration!
We’re not only BFFs but she’s my girlfriend! We’ve earned enough to buy the Knight statue and then some!
And at the pier, Anita fishes up both a dragonfruit and a cow berry.
We are done here!

Kaoru: After two gold-medal dates, we both have full friendship and romance bars and feel Very Flirty.
I push my luck and propose, but she shoots me down. Awww, shucks!
But then she proposes to me and, pushover that I am, I accept!
We elope immediately after, right in front of the benches where we had our dates!
By this time, we’ve also bought our first club perk—Rally the Troops!

On Monday morning, I finally work up the nerve to bring Anita to her new non-home.
After buying the Knight of the Octagon Table for $8200, we are not the least concerned that it must go into the household inventory.
However, it does qualify us to continue our legacy!

Kaoru: All that remains of my Soulmate aspiration is 10 more romantic socials as I tease her flirtatiously in our very humble abode.
Anita: The Dresden House lot is still depressingly bare. You are looking at our entire residence, except for the Party Bush which is hidden from view.
K: We are still pinching pennies to help me prepare for the new job, so our home looks worse than a campsite.
A: After an hour or so of gardening and fishing, we leave for Granite Falls.

W: You haven’t even started working and you’re already off for a vacation?
K: Actually, I want to buy a few veggies from the kiosk and harvest some herbs for grafting our dragonfruit.
We’re just taking a day trip! And by the way, I bought the Connections trait and joined the Scientist career!

Kaoru: Tuesday is my last free day before I start the Scientist career on Wednesday.
When we visit Narwahl Arms so Anita can make progress on her Leader of the Pack aspiration, Watchette gives her a makeover.
W: Darn it, I forgot to change Anita’s family name from Kang to Mori! Next time, next time!
Anita: Back in our hood, we enjoy leftovers someone prepared on the grill across the street from the Shrieking Llama Bar.
With Rally the Troops, we really don’t need to be eating, but check out my new hair, make-up, and sportswear, folks!

Kaoru: The last place we visit on Tuesday is the Perfect Balance Spa in Newcrest.
Wellness is such a useful skill!
Anita: Watchette, don’t forget to buy a massage table after we get home tonight!

Anita: Now that Kaoru’s left for work, can we talk about my role in this legacy, Watchette?
W: Of course, Anita, what are your thoughts? Is there any career that draws you?
A: As you know, when I met Kaoru, I only had Level 3 Piano skill.
So my maxing a career would require extensive effort and time, especially since I can’t buy Connections.
With my current skill set, the wage income I’d generate wouldn’t go far in improving the legacy home.

On the other hand, I would rock a supporting role. My fishing skill is already Level 7 so I’ve brought in a lot of cash.
I could also help garden, work on collections, help build a rocket ship—stuff like that.
I should also learn at least one skill for mentoring children, I guess.
W: Sounds like a great plan for you, Anita, considering you love the outdoors!
Anita: Okay, I’ll make it my mission to improve our legacy home, freeing other family members to focus on their careers.
If we’re seriously planning to successfully complete this challenge, our legacy home needs be more than several foundational rectangles!

Kaoru: Thanks to Anita, who caught a sturgeon early this Friday morning, we’re able to buy an invention constructor!
As a result, I can invent a cloning machine before leaving for work today!
(Why, Watchette, are you showing me stepping out of an aromatherapy bath!?)
Anita: And I’m in the process of milking our cowplant for an Essence of Focused, which we’ll start cloning over the weekend!
One guess who ate the cake!

A: You’re probably wondering about the design of the garden. We realize it’s not at all attractive.
K: The garden planters are $200 each, so we’ve only bought one so far.
Instead, we’ve laid down Construction-Quality Concrete (which costs $0) so we can mop up any water that splatters.
Eventually, we can place all the plants in garden planters or pots, but the garden is already organized by plant type which made grafting quick and simple.

Anita: And there goes my fabulous Kaoru, off to work.
Behind him, you can see a walls-down shot of our home.
Up to now, it’s been all about laying down the foundation of our legacy home—the bathroom, a basic kitchen, a science lab, a camping couch with tv.
I’m not sure why we even have a TV since woohoo fills both the fun and social meters. We’ll save it for the kids, I guess.

Kaoru: After a very busy Saturday with lots of Rally the Troop socials, I complete Serial Romantic—my second aspiration after Soulmate—by going on three gold-medal dates at home with Anita.
Anita: I’m just going to pretend that I didn’t hear Kaoru, but I’m definitely relieved that’s over and done!
And you’re probably wondering why I’m in the Partihaus club.
I only joined temporarily to complete the “Talk about club with 5 club members” milestone of my Leader of the Pack aspiration.
Just forgot to leave the club afterward but maybe I’ll keep it around and take it over later. Who knows?

Kaoru: Now that we can duplicate the Essence of Focused, Kaoru is pretty certain to reach Level 8 of the Scientist career by next Friday.
Anita: And the day he returns home with that promotion, we’ll be ready to try for baby!
That is, we’ll both be ready emotionally and psychologically to become parents.
Until then, my main objective involves earning as much coin as possible so that our home will be a welcoming place for children!
Kaoru: You also need to level your charisma, hun! You’re still not done with Leader of the Pack while I’m already on Tier 3 of my third aspiration!
Anita: Right, I just need to earn one more level of charisma…


And that wraps up the first week of the Mori Legacy!
As I’ve never played a legacy, I’m making up strategies as I go along.
For example, I’m accustomed to buying up lots of reward traits, but the legacy challenge grants points for unused Potions of Youth.
This means I should try to cut back on buying reward traits, I guess.

I am extremely grateful to the Carl’s Forum Tournament Challenges Team—so many useful gameplay strategies learned from the tournament challenges that the team has designed and administered!

This first chapter was all about setting up the house lot, so I’m hoping that future chapters will be more fun!
Thank you for reading!

Mori 1.2: An Almost House

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