Rivals 2.15: Moss on Fire

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 2 (Dinero, Part IV)


Yukio: The Dineros are really progressing fabulously, you guys!
And congrats on Moss for becoming a Top-Notch Toddler. Of course, our Megumi will be one, too!

Jesminder: I’d wanted to throw Krishna his birthday party at your restaurant, Yukio, but I hear it’s not toddler-friendly.
Yukio: Well, we try but you’re right. Your son’s better off having this party elsewhere.

Salim: Speaking of sons, I hear one of your helpers had a nooboo recently.
Yukio: Why yes, our helper Bradly’s son is named Braddon.

Daichi: So the Dineros and Somas each have two children, but the Zannas have three.
Salim: Right, I keep forgetting to check on that. Later tonight, Daichi, would you mind going along with Moss to see if the Zanna nooboo is a boy or girl?
Daichi: Of course, Salim. But why me?
Jesminder: Obviously, because you belong to the Zanna Club, Daichi.

Yukio: *coughs
Daichi: Are you okay, Yukio? The Dineros have some pretty potent bubbles.
Yukio: We fired three nannies to finally find you and you worked for us first, Daichi, yet you joined the Zanna and Dinero dynasty clubs first?
But why? I’m feeling deeply betrayed right now…

Daichi: In my defense, Yukio, you never even invited me to your club and I couldn’t ask…

Jesminder (changes the subject): Well, obviously our bubbles are the best! You think we’d stoop to that trash making the rounds in Spice Market?
Salim: Word.

Jesminder: By the way, Yukio, didn’t your work shift start 10 minutes ago?
Yukio: Yeah, I need to run. Thanks for having me over, Jesminder. Nice meeting you, Salim.
And, Daichi, my wife and I really hope to see you on Sunday! As you know, Megumi is quite attached to you. No other nanny will do!

Okay, gotta run, people! Ciao!

Moss: I’m such a filial son! When I get home from school, I see that Westside looks happy and let Mama go first.
Daniela: Too bad I only receive a bonus because of budgetary restrictions!

Moss: Gimme an A, Wellside! You know you want to!
WW: Sorry again, kid. You’ll get an automatic A on Monday.
Moss: Thing is, Wellside, I won’t be in grade school anymore come Monday.
I wonder if your grade boost will carry over to high school. Probably not.

Papa, I’m ready to leave for the Spice Festival now!

Jesminder: Such bad luck at the Spice Festival today!
Not only is there no U.F.O. plant to harvest, but none of the food samples are labelled. How will I know which ones are vegetarian-safe?

Jesminder: I hope the dish I picked out for Krishna is Sweet and Sour Eggplant!

Krishna: Ever since I maxed all my skills, I hardly get any attention anymore!

Daniela: This evening, I learn that I have no spicy tolerance and that my favorite drink is Cream Cola.

Moss: Everyone in our house has failed the Spicy Curry Challenge so far!
Will I be the one to emerge unscathed from this cruel, demanding challenge?

Apparently not…

Moss: I’d like to buy the Morning Sim and Night Owl traits before my teen birthday, so I do a little socializing.
Can you believe that blonde in the pink track suit, blowing me off like that?
When she sees how unbelievably gorgeous I age up later, she’ll regret this day until all eternity!
That’s a long time to regret!

Daniela: Moss completes Artistic Prodigy right after we receive Krishna’s birthday message.
Let’s start the party, people!

Salim: I don’t mind cooking the easy stuff until Jesminder gets home.

Arun: Blow out your candles, Krishna!

Krishna (hot dog): What are you dressed as, Moss?
Moss: I’m not sure, but I like the mint shade of my shirt!
Daichi (astronaut): It doesn’t seem like a real costume to me, Moss!


Jesminder: At midnight, I bring home my Level 8 Mixologist promotion, which also completes my Master Chef aspiration.

Daniela: Finally, we compliment costumes x10 and Jesminder bakes an excellent cake, but the goal counter seems stuck.
We get gold, regardless, and I’ll take it cuz that’s my third gold medal!

Salim: And here’s our second-generation Dinero heir, Moss!
He’s such a handsome devil! He must get that from me!
Daniela: *laughs

Krishna: Now that I’m a child, I can join the Dinero Club and rally the troops.
While Mama mentors Moss in painting, Nanny Daichi encourages me to draw.

Moss: Hey, Daichi! It’s me, Moss! So I’m over at the Zanna place but just realized that I don’t know anyone here.
Would you come over so we can visit together? Thanks!

Moss: Mama sent me here to check out the Zanna nooboo. Based on the yellow onesie, it’s probably a girl. Mission accomplished.

Moss: *introduces himself to Massimo and Paola
Massimo: Up!
Moss: Why am I feeling embarrassed?
Massimo: Hehehe….

Daichi: What are you looking at? I really don’t know what to say about this shot.
Except I’d have to agree that those two are making weird faces. What’s up with them, anyway?
Hey, I didn’t pose them, okaaay? Moss and Massimo made those creepy faces all by themselves! Lol

Moss: Yep, I’m just taking a selfie of my Level 3 Food Service Cashier self! Who says I don’t have Papa’s eyebrows!?
You’re probably wondering how I maxed my teen career already.
Well, I started my job at Level 2 because I’m a Top-Notch Toddler with a B in grade school.
Also, Westwide Well gave me a job performance boost!

Awwww, just when Moss gets interesting, we have to switch household!


Week 2 Status: Dinero Line

Founder: Daniela Dinero
*Completed Requirements
Reward traits: Connections, Pro Slacker, Carefree, Frugal
Portrait: Yes ($9,362)
Mansion Baron: done
Gold-medal parties: Dinner party, House party, and Incognito Party

*Incomplete Requirements
Career: Painter/Master of the Real (Level 9)

Gen2 Heir: Moss Dinero
*Completed Move-Out Requirements
Toddler skills: Top-Notch Toddler
Childhood Aspiration: Artistic Prodigy
Teen Job: Fast Food Employee (Level 3)

*Incomplete Move-Out Requirements
Unique Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire (on Tier III)
A in High School:
Unique Skills (2)
Good Friends: Daniela Dinero; Daichi Yoshida plus two more
Enemies: (Yukio Soma and Serena Zanna or Zanna toddler)

Rivals 2.16: I’m a Sim without Conviction

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