Rivals 2.20: You’re Hawt, Gnomesayin’?

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 2 (Zanna, Part I)


Serena: So, you’re finally here, Watchette. Are you late to everyone else’s house, too, or just ours?
You’ll be happy to hear that I’m consistently late to every house every week.

Serena: After two weeks, I can barely remember what I’m supposed to be doing! A few reminders, please?

Unlike your rivals, you haven’t completed a single requirement yet. Here’s your Get-Things-Done List for Week 2:
• Garden: Missing a death flower, so go harvest a lily plant asap
• Portrait: None yet
• Vampire Family aspiration:
Tier III:  Train 3 offspring (2/3)
Tier IV:  Become a Grand Master, Become good friends with 5 offspring (0/5)
• Career: You need five more promotions

Serena: That’s a long list! What was I even doing during Week 1, anyway?

Well, you got off to a good start but Yukio Soma has already maxed his career. Massimo could use some attention, too!
The Dinero and Soma heirs are already teens, you know!

Serena: Gah, we’re so behind and we’re so poor!
I start Week 2 by inviting three of my offspring over then asking Lilith to train me. Diego transforms into a vampire the moment he walks in the door.

Caleb: Hmmmm, Massimo isn’t doing that well with his skills, considered he’s been a toddler for two days already.
Serena: You don’t think so? I’m guessing he’ll be ready for his birthday by Wednesday night!

Penny: My Paola has a little over 24 hours before she ages up naturally.
I hope she can become a Top-Notch Toddler, too! I think she can do it if we hire a nanny for her!

Serena: I need to train a third offspring to reach Vampire Family’s final tier.
Foolish me! I should have trained Jackie or Diego first then asked Lilith to train me later!

While I’m waiting for the cooldown period to end, I start on making my five good friends.
Watchette’s buddy FrancescaFiori swears by the Don’t Wake the Llama table, so I try it out.

Caleb: I see Daichi standing by the stairs, just spacing out. I try using my Command vampire power to make him help us with the garden.

Why is there no “Command to garden” option?

Caleb: Whatever. Command to Clean is just as helpful, since Lilith still spills water everywhere when she waters the plants.

But what’s Daichi’s problem anyway? He used to clean without having to be asked!

Serena: We all go the Magnolia Blossom Park so I can seek a lily for my deathflower.
While I’m hiding in the restroom pavilion, I spy a possibly hawt gardener sitting by himself.

Lilith, quick! Go find who he is and what his traits are!

Lilith: What a cutie-pie! His name’s Wyatt Owen and I learn that he’s an ambitious adult and a community gardener.
Serena: Really, Lilith? Who would have guessed that he’s a gardener?

Serena: Amore mio, why are you chatting with that married lady, Caleb? Come over here and chat with this married lady! Remember me? Your wife?

Caleb: Oh, Serena, how can you doubt that I’m all yours?
Because the Zanna heirs all share a garden requirement, I’m trying to take over Garden Gnomes.

Moira: Well, I see you’re not that into chatting with me. Goodbye!
Caleb: Wait! Wait! ….she’s gone

Wyatt: Is there a pool around here? Why would you want to see my swimwear?

Serena: Um, Lilith? You’ve only found out he’s ambitious and you’re checking out his swimwear?
Lilith: Hey, it’s important to know that he’s not a pear, right?

Lilith (batting eyelash): Heeeeeyy, Wyatt! You need a new hoe for your garden shed?

Serena: Sheesh, Lilith, that was a pathetic attempt at a pick-up line! Whatever happened to playing hard to get?
And, anyway, he’s not for you, girl! I’m thinking he might be spouse material or, at least, a helper.

Back at home…
Massimo: I’m so tired and hungry!

Caleb: Um, Watchette? Why were we even at the park?  We have a lily plant grafted already.
Serena’s waiting for an orchid to harvest and plant.

Oops! Right, it’s the Somas who are missing a lily… *hangs head

Massimo: Well, this is much better with Papa reading us a story while I eat. But I’m still sad about have been left behind!
Paola: Why do you care about being left behind, Massimo? You’re not even friends with my mama!

Serena: Caleb darling, I’m going to have to ask you to leave behind your life as a gentleman of leisure.
We only have $4,950 in household funds and no museum yet.
Caleb: You mean, I get to have unlimited, exclusive access to the woodworking table?!

The Zannas really need to focus on boosting their funds. Maybe use the Come and Get It Street Store or Street Gallery objects to hold yard sales?

Lilith: Why do I get the feeling that I’ll be put in charge of sales? Oh right, because I’m outgoing!

Serena: Hello, Don! It’s great to see you on a day off. Thanks for inviting me in!
Don: Hello, Serena. I’d like to say it’s nice to see you but why are you even here?
Serena: Why? I don’t understand…

Don: We dislike each other, remember?
Serena: But why? What did I ever do you?
Don: I don’t remember, either. It must have happened during one of your off weeks. *shrugs
Serena: But Don, I consider you one of my fave co-workers! We can fix this! *starts spamming friendly socials

Lilith: What am I, anyway? The Candy Behr of the Zanna House? *mumbles and grumbles

Caleb: I stop fishing as soon as I notice the tulip plant is ready to be harvested.
I acquired a tulip flower, Serena love, so we can go home now!

Serena: Well, it’s been fun, Don. See you at the Lab tomorrow!
Don: What!? You didn’t come over just to make up with me?
Serena: Dude, check out your relationship panel! We’re not friends yet but at least our red bars are gone!

Lilith: Very smooth, Serena! You invite Diego over to socialize but you fly off in bat form while leaving him in the sun?
Serena: I can’t help it, Lilith! Can you help out a sister, Watchette?
Sorry! I enabled “Always move in bat form” before I left you at the end of Week 1, thinking you might boost your Vampire Rank bar while I was away.
*disables the Always travel in bat form option

Serena: And now, dear Diego, you’re my second offspring to also be my good friend!
Diego: And may I hope that we may someday become more than that?
Serena: Nope, not a bat’s chance! But I would like you to become a Zanna helper at some point.

Diego: Wait, what? Not as an heir’s spouse?
Serena: You’ve become too popular lately, sweetheart. I’m thinking we might go with the gardener…
You’re still on the short list for helpers, though!

Serena: I spy Count Vlad strolling by and ask him to train me.
Now that Caleb and Lilith are Grand Masters, Count Vlad has lost most of his aura, you know what I’m saying?
Still, he’s descended from the founder of Forgotten Hollow, so he got history, yo!

Darn it, I should have dueled with him instead! His training hardly makes any difference!

Serena: A sim pauses in his midnight stroll to spectate while I train. He looks vaguely familiar.

Sergio, that hopeful look on your face is slightly pathetic, lol. You will definitely not become a vampire!

Serena: I hear that Yukio Soma is still having his wife paint portraits, even though she painted one worth $9,044.
Don’t you have the Creative treat, Penny? Why are your paintings so cheap? What’s your painting level now, anyhow?
Penny: I do have the Creative trait and I’m Level 9 Painting, but I spend more time feeling confident than inspired.

Serena: Yes, I can see why you would feel confident about your fabulous artwork. *facepalms
And what’s with that middle portrait?
Penny (defensively): I asked you to pose for me, not to stand in the sunlight! (But I decided to paint you anyway, hehehe…)


Current Status of the Zanna Household

Founder: Serena Zanna
*Completed requirements: None

*Incomplete requirements:
Vampire Family aspiration: currently on Tier IV
Portraits (2): not yet (arrgghhh!)
Garden: Need death flower (have the other 5 plants already)
Career: Scientist (Level 5)

Gen2 Heir: Massimo Zanna
Toddler skills:  L3 Communication, Imagination, Thinking; L2 Potty and Movement

Rivals 2.21: Up in Smoke

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