Mori 4.41: Strawberry Fields Forever

Week 21/Saturday

Banana: It’s Saturday morning and our twins continue making progress on their first aspirations.
Ranma the Art Lover: I see myself more as an Artistic Prodigy than a Rambunctious Scamp, but these monkey bars are a blast!

Takumi the Neat: With these glasses, you undoubtedly anticipate that I’ll utter something profoundly philosophical, but… I got nuttin’!

Week 22/Sunday

Banana: The boys have started Whiz Kid at the same time, which makes our lives a little easier!
Yuki: Once upon a time, there was an alien with one eye named Mike…
Takumi: What did he name his other eye?
Banana: Ugh, my back is killing me!

Banana: I don’t understand. Why did the boys suddenly stop listening to us read?
Yuki: Don’t look at me, sweetheart. I’m a geek, not a mindreader. I have no idea!
Banana: Why do I sense a bad influence out there somewhere? *sniffs the air

Yuki: Why the sad face, Takumi?
Takumi: Do you remember this legacy’s original club, called Dresden Daredevils?
Yuki: Yeah, I hear it racked up so many points that it became the children’s club and the new Legacy Club was started. And….?
Takumi: Well, I wanted to use that club so Ranma and I could meet all the new kids in town, but it’s not in the family anymore!

Paolo: My bad, Takumi! I should have changed the age range of that club before my teen birthday! But I forgot and got kicked out of my own club!
Donato: You’re already Level 5 Social, Takumi. Why not try to take the club back?

Ranma (red): Ouch, the club leader Cade (wearing shades) has the Mean trait!
Takumi (brown): It’s hard to believe they’re Uncle Donato’s kids. They’re so different than cousin Paolo!
Ranma: But they’re our cousins, too! What’s their problem?
Takumi: Don’t worry. We’ve got into Dresden Daredevils. If I can take over the club, we can kick them out.

Takumi (brown): Hehehehe…mission accomplished! Added some new members, too!
Ranma (red): Dude, check out all the club points we have!
Takumi: And look, Ainsley and Jacklyn must be the daughters of Uncle Carlos!
Ranma: Uncle Donato says Madeleine and Mikaela moved here a few days ago.
Takumi: We’ll call a gathering soon. It’s gonna be fun getting to know them all!

Banana: May I just say that sitting here eating one strawberry after another is mind-numbingly boring?
Donato: You’re the only female sim left in the house, Banana. It would cool if you had a daughter, right?
Banana: Okay, 19 strawberries are more than enough! Still, I’m a bit worried—the house has two empty spots!
Donato: Oh come on, you’ve already had twins! Whoever heard of double twins?

Ranma: It’s nice to get out of the house! We invited our cousin Jacklyn Park with us.
Cousin Paolo says that Ainsley is a Glutton. I learn today that Jacklyn’s Cheerful.

Banana: Our collections glitched a while back so we’re trying to rebuild them all.
Paolo: We’re missing a Betta, a Koi, and Sturgeon, so we’ll catch all three at this spot, I hope!
Yuki: I’ve never been fishing before. It’s pretty fun, even though I feel a little overdressed.

Banana: Paolo, who’s the best fisher among the three of us, catches a sturgeon and a betta.
Paolo: We should try our luck elsewhere. Let’s go to the Skyward Palms neighborhood.
Banana: Why are you so sure we’ll find Koi there?

Paolo (shrugs): I downloaded a pdf from the Skills/Fishing page of Carl’s Guide—it lists which fish can be caught at each fishing spot.
W: Everyone’s downloaded that pdf file, right? If you’re interested, you can find the download link at the bottom of this page under the heading “Where to Catch Every Fish.”

Ranma (red): I hear a notorious family called the Calientes used to live in this neighborhood.
Takumi (brown): Yeah, Mom, Dad, and Cousin Paolo are  fishing over by where the Calientes used to live.
Ranma: You know, Takumi, I like fishing to raise Mental more than playing chess, even if we can’t be mentored.
Takumi: Yeah, it’s nice not being stuck in the house all the time!

Donato: Considering that Carlos’ girls will probably turn out gorgeous, we’ve begun seriously considering adding a pollinator to the house.
Banana: The girls are in grade school now, so the gloomy Santiago would be too old.
Not to mention Yuki would throw a fit if I moved in a former spouse candidate as my secondary spouse!

Donato: Paolo suggests we meet his classmate Xander Taylor, so we invite him along. Xander’s a Creative Music Lover and he’s not bad-looking.
We’ll keep this teenager in mind. We wouldn’t be adding anyone to the house until I move out, probably.

Or maybe pollinating is too much of a detour from the legacy’s actual goals…

Yuki: It’s getting pretty late and Banana’s giving birth late tonight, so…

Donato: And, just as we’re about to leave, Paolo pulls through to catch a Koi and complete the Fish Collection (again).


Banana: Back at the hospital, should I be concerned that I just passed the nurse out of uniform, heading in the opposite direction?
The doctor’s right behind me, though, so I’ll stop worrying.

Dr. Lime in de Coconut: Excuse me, Yuki, but would you mind not jumping around like that. You’re stressing out my future daughter-in-law.
Yuki: Gah! Gaahhh! Gaaahhhh!
Banana (to herself): I wasn’t this stressed out that time when he was playing “Sims Forever.”

Banana: Yuki darling?
Yuki: Hmmmm?
Banana: If I find out you posted a photo of me in the delivery room to your Simbook, I’ll have to kill you myself.
Yuki: Huh, who me? You know I would never do anything like that, sweetheart! *feels deeply relieved he hadn’t hit “Post” yet

Yuki: Wow, I wasn’t expecting twin girls at all!
Banana: You and me both! But I think the odds work something like this: Wish for triplets and you get a single birth or, if you’re lucky, twins.
Wish for twins and you get a single birth. BUT wish for a single birth and you get multiples every time.

Yuki: Banana is holding our first-born Dulce and I’m holding our second-born Rina.
Banana: Where’s the phone number of that nanny?

Yuki (sings softly): Let me take you down cuz I’m going to Strawberry Fields…


Banana: All hail our nanny, Lynn Dumas, Savior of Our Sanity!
Yuki: Why is she suddenly running out the front door like that? Where’s she going?

Nao: Wow, I’m impressed that you found me all the way over here at the side of the house.
Sorry to disappoint you, Nanny Dumas, but I’m already in a relationship.
Donato: Sheesh! Our nanny ignores the babies crying to go hit on Dad!?

Yuki: The nanny’s a bit of a stalker, don’t you think, Banana? She’s constantly trailing your father!
Banana: As long as she’s stalking Dad, but not you, and as long as she’s taking good care of the girls, I’ll overlook the stalking.

Donato: Nanny Dumas, I’d thought you’d gone home!? Haven’t you heard the babies wailing?
Nanny: But I was just trying to…
Donato: You’re hired to look after the babies. The boys are in this room to level up their Social skill.They don’t need you in here interrupting them.
Nanny: Yes, but I wanted to ask them where your father…

Donato: Listen here, we don’t need a nanny like you here. You’re fired! Please get out of our sight immediately!
Ranma (whispers to Takumi): Whoa, Uncle Donato’s really scary and mean when he’s mad!


Banana: In the morning before the boys leave for school, the girls age up at last. They were really fussy babies.

Yuki: Dulce is a spitting image of me. She has my eyes and my mouth, and even my long face! She’s a Gloomy Rambunctious Scamp, so we give her blue hair.
Oh and check out my new casual wear!

Banana: Rina also has Yuki’s eyes but the two girls are definitely not identical twins. She has Donato’s eyebrows, but whose chin did she inherit?

W: My simverse is almost completely devoid of housed sims that aren’t Mori relatives.
According to Pinstar, I’m allowed to move households into houses as long as they are used only for friends, not for spouses.
However, that means I would move into houses only those sims whose bloodline I could never marry into the Mori House. I need to think carefully about that.

Bonus Collage!

As you can see, both boys inherited their Uncle Donato’s dreamy eyes, whereas the girls have Yuki’s eyes.
And have you noticed that the boys both share Donato’s downward-sloping eyebrows? That makes me laugh!

Dulce is irresistibly adorable, though Gloomy. Unlucky for Rina, she seems to follow in the footsteps of her Great-Great-Aunt Hana and Auntie Aoi.
I’m so curious to see who these children will grow up to resemble as teens. That’s probably my biggest motivation for playing right now, hehe.

Mori 4.42: Name Dat Song

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