Mori 6.60: The Bodacious Gen7 Boyz…Holla!

Week 31/Monday

Miko: Ze leaves for his first day of work this morning, then Tami leaves for work an hour after Ze.
Tami won’t give birth until Thursday evening, so Watchette’s letting me stay here for a few more days.
To make myself useful, I’ve been cloning Essence of Focused and Essence of Happiness for Ze all morning.
I’ll leave him with enough of both essences to last him through his final promotion!

Kenta: I’m still here as well. Tami convinced everyone to let me stay until my young adult birthday, which is tomorrow.
I’ve only maxed Charisma, Gardening, Logic, and Piano, so I won’t be such a useful mentor.
But I’m also Level 9 Violin so Uncle Takumi mentors me to Level 10 this afternoon.

Maya: I’m off today so I complete my daily task for work then begin writing Books of Life for my future nephews.
Yes, the seventh generation will most likely be all boys.
I almost start writing a biography in case one’s needed to memorialize the Gen7 heir’s Primary Spouse.
But then, I’ll no doubt be moved out as soon as I complete my Art Critic career, so I’ll leave that for someone else to do.

Ze: My shift ends at 3 pm but I don’t come home until 4 pm, the same time as Tami.
Tami: I’m so proud of Ze, earning his Level 4 promotion on his first day of work.
Ze: Yep, I choose the Public Relations branch, although it sounds utterly boring.
Tami: I also bring home a promotion. I’m now a Level 6 Restaurant Rater (Food Critic).

Tami: Ze and I had planned on just eloping but Mom has guilted me into throwing a wedding party.
She insists she won’t move out to make room for the Gen7 children unless she gets to be the mother of the bride!
By the way, I’ve been unable to hire any party staff since the recent patch. Luckily, the family just pitches in to help out.

Tami: We hold a small wedding ceremony in the backyard, inviting only extended family. My strapless wedding gown really draws attention to my tattoo!

Ze: This is what it must feel like to die and go to heaven! *smiles blissfully
Tami, I’m never letting you go! I no longer care that I’ve lost my memory—you’re all I need!

W: Awww, I place seating for the guests because the recent patch claims that wedding guests would sit during the ceremony but…lies!

Miko: Look at our two beautiful daughters, Takumi! They’re both so gorgeous!
Takumi: I agree! And if it weren’t for her Jealous trait, Maya would have suitors pounding down our front door.

Tami: So, hey, you’re going to be a father! I got the “Eating for Two” notice around 7 pm tonight!
Ze: Seriously? You’re in your first trimester already? Why don’t you have even a teeny-tiny baby bump?
Tami: Because I’m wearing my wedding gown so I’m sucking in my stomach until I can barely breathe, that’s why!

Takumi: After the guests all leave, my beloved Miko and I renew our marital vows. She looks ravishing in her kimono-inspired gown.
Do Tami and Ze really need to have three children?

Ranma: Takumi, you know as well as I do that an unskilled young adult takes forever to complete a career!

Ze: Maxing the Charisma skill was totally the right move, because it gives me the new “Upload a viral video” action.
By successfully uploading a single viral video, I gain a whopping 1.2 million followers!
Pretty incredible, considering that I only need 10,000 followers for my Level 10 promotion.


Ze: Joining the Public Relations branch has changed my Ideal Mood for work from Playful to Focused.
Focused is one of the easiest moods to sustain, so I expect to move up the ranks of Public Relations rather quickly.

W: And do you understand, Takumi, why you are out here fishing by yourself when you’ve already completed Angling Ace and the fam has no need for fish?
Takumi: Yeah, I had nothing to do, so I was running around chatting with and hugging everyone, making them drop their queues.

Don’t worry, dear Takumi. You’ll get plenty busy once the children are born!

Maya: Today, Ze and I earn promotions while Tami gets really close to her next promotion.

When I get home at 9 pm, we celebrate the adult birthdays of Uncle Ranma and Dad as well as the young adult birthday of Kenta.
Wow, I’m surprised at how much Uncle Ranma and Dad suddenly aged, especially Dad!

Takumi: Once we birthday boys cake up, Miko and Kenta move out. We’re now a household of five sims.  And once again, we lose all of our collections.


Ze: I’m super excited that Tami will give birth to our child tomorrow evening.
On the other hand, I’m not too thrilled about this frumpy suit I wear to work. It’s not even cool baggy; it’s just lame baggy!
It’s also a bit annoying that Maya seems to constantly follow me around.
Yesterday evening, Tami was staring daggers cuz Maya kept coming over to sit and chat with me, no matter how often I changed seats to avoid her.

Takumi: Hey, Maya! I’m glad to see that you finally get to wear a career uniform!
Maya: Yeah, it’s not bad but I think Diego Lobo might have gotten a better deal!

Tami: Tonight I bring home my Level 7 promotion to Local Gourmand.
Here I am in my unattractive career outfit (what were they thinking?!) and my third-trimester baby bump.
I went to work today only because I was so close to a promotion.
Tomorrow, I’m going to work from home while completely pampering myself!


Tami: Why are you looking so worried, Dad?
Takumi: Well, it’s almost time for you to go into labor. Are you sure my giving you a third consecutive fertility massage is a good idea?
You know very well that our family only has multiple births when we don’t want them…

Tami: But can you believe the nerve of Dulce having triplet boys? I mean, that’s what Ze and I have been hoping for! Anyway, there’s no harm in trying, right?

Tami: Oh honey, I’m so glad you’ve come with me to the hospital. Now that we’re here, I’m so scared!
But why am I here at the Cut ‘n Gut Medical Clinic instead of that snazzy hospital where you stayed?

Ze: I’m not sure why we ended up here, Tami, but never fear! You don’t need to worry about a thing. Just trust the doctor and know that I’m here, right beside you!

Dr. Ichmawin: Hey, you! Yes, I’m talking to you over there, Mr. McPanic! Stop upsetting your wife! Either calm down or go home, you hear?
Congratulations! Your wife gave birth to twin boys!

Ze: Nooo, doctor! Don’t drop that brown thing on top of our son! What are you doing? What is that?!
W: Seriously, what the heck is that?

Tami: This is our firstborn son, Yuta. Isn’t he handsome?
Yuta: Gah, don’t you “Isn’t he handsome?” me!!! I’m traumatized for life!
Don’t pretend you didn’t just see that huge claw about to drop some brown thing right on top of me!

Ze: I’m holding Yuta’s twin brother. We’ve named him Jin. As you can see, he’s much more laid back than the very excitable Yuta.
Tami: Why are you still standing there, Ze? Let’s hurry home and try for one more baby!

Takumi: Wow, look at these gorgeous little boys!
Ranma: Of course, they’re gorgeous, bro! They share our genes, don’t they?
Takumi: Yes, but all naturally-born Mori babies up to now have been rather dark-skinned at birth.
Ranma: I noticed that, too! I guess Yuta and Jin will share their father Ze’s fair skintone.
Takumi: I can’t wait to see what they look like as young lads!


W: And because I’m too excited to share what the bassinet burritos look like as children, we skip right to the day of their birthdays.
Maya: We still have a couple of sim-hours to wait until they age up, so I want to show you my new career outfit.
With my Level 7 promotion yesterday, I finally earned a jacket to match my slacks! Took long enough!

Tami: And another thing…Ze and I are expecting another child on Monday night!
Mama’s been here all day today, mentoring me so I can max Painting. You’re the best, Mama!
I want another boy! I’m really hoping that one of our three boys will look just like Ze!

Tami: And, finally, it’s time for the babies to age up!

Yuta (right): Hi, folks! I’m the firstborn son. I have dark hair like Papa. I’m a Rambunctious Scamp who Loves the Outdoors.
Jin (left): I am an Artistic Prodigy who is Neat. I was born with platinum blonde hair, probably because Mama has pink hair.
That’s why Watchette gave me hair that combines the platinum blonde with Mama’s hair color.

W: And a collage to conclude this update! I’m not sure who the boys will age up to resemble, at this point.
But they sure are cute!

W: One more collage for the sake of comparison. I guess the boys do look rather like Ze (their nose and mouth) but whose eyes did they inherit?

Mori 6.61: “There’s Only One Truth!,” Sez Conan

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