Murky 1.11: Forbidden Fruit

*oshizu meets her first plantsims and receives a magical tree stump from Jasmine Holiday;
*She manages to collect four of the six beans;
*Hooks Brennachan up with Pookey; and
*Needlessly levels up her Comedy and Mischief skills. (Learning to mix drinks is never useless.)

Week 3/Wednesday

Soon after finishing my morning tasks, I see Uma the Infected Plantsim trudging along.

She feels sad this morning, perhaps because she misses pizza?
But don’t zombies only eat brains?
Brains, huh? I know a few sims who have nothing to fear from zombies!

Suddenly, I get a text message from Pookey! And no, I’m pretty sure she’s not!

Armed with my new Instill False Confidence social, I try to make Uma feel confident.
Not even 10 minutes after his first text, though, Pookey texts me again!
Am I going to have to block him!?

But anyway, I’m glad that he and Brennachan have worked things out.
He moves fast, though—they’re in a relationship already!

I manage to lift Uma out of her sad mood, but she won’t get confident.

No matter, she’s still a little angry about my hand buzzer trick last night.
She’s easily nudged into an angry mood.
Of course, I apologize right after she shares a bean!

Lucky for me, I run into a confident Plantsim on my way home and receive my 6th bean!

Lucky for you, because you won’t need to see or read about me begging for beans anymore.

At home, I rearrange my lot to make room for the magical tree.

I never hold yard sales on my home lot anyway. And there’s even room for my yoga mat!

Whoa, that tree is huge!
That’s when Brennachan texts me about Pookey. *sighs
No more matchmaking for this salamander. I seem to lack the flair!

Not sure I like the way the tree’s dominating my crib but, hey, there’s a portal!

After exploring the tree’s inner world, I emerge with a forbidden fruit.
I’m not even close to ready to become a plantsim, so raincheck that!

What I really like about the forbidden fruit, though, is that it can grow into a tree.
So if/when I ever move, I can just grow another tree at my new home.

This also means that, after I have 5-6 more forbidden fruit, I’m getting rid of this tree!

Nothing’s worse than not being able to tend my garden!
But I’ve learned a few tricks!
Pruning the bonsai makes me focused or examining it makes me happy.

Also, I received an element from the Geo Council which I enabled to get focused.
Now I want another element to place near the other four planters!

Speaking of forbidden fruit, Jin strolls by while I’m chillin’ with the Freegans.
Now that Brennachan has Pookey, I make myself a new best friend.

Oh! I almost forgot that it’s Wednesday!

I know what you’re thinking! But Jin and I are just soaking in the hot springs.

Wow, dat tree though! I still can’t get over how different my home looks now.

You’re probably wondering why there are so many Z’s coming out of the tent, yeah?
I go to bed while wishing that Jin could stay over without having to woohoo.

And whaddya know? He crawls into the tent a little while after I do.
This is what best friends do, right? #Stillkeepingitclean
(Well, okay, if you must know. I might have started a club gathering with “Sleep” as a club activity.)


I wake up absurdly early this morning and find Jin napping in the pee bush.
Ooookaaaay, I guess sharing a tent was awkward after all.

Letting him get some more shuteye, I look after my garden.

Jin is a genuinely nice person. I could get used to being around him.
But can anyone explain which game we’re playing? Jin keeps passing on drawing a card…
Old Maid or Poker?

We really need to leave my ain’t-nothing-to-do lot, yo! I’m starting to bore myself!

After selling my surplus harvestables, I’m flush with cash and hot to shop!
At the Murkland Mercantile Company store, the first thing I buy is a cooler.

Not that I’m planning to go Plantsim any time soon, but a portable cooler is so handy!
Jin talks me out of buying a portable bar, so it’s a good thing he’s come along!

I also buy one of those plants-in-glass-bubbles decorations.

Ain’t gonna lie! I whipped out my deodorizing cream just to check its label.
But nope, it’s not for sale here though other herbal remedies are.

The skill books are tempting but I’ll just go to the library!

Looking around, I don’t see any store clerks.
Oh I see, they’re both upstairs working productively!

If I ever live with a klepto, we’ll have to return here when those two clerks are working!

It’s still only 8 am…a little too early to hold a yard sale.
So I head for Desert Bloom Park with Jin for some fishing.

I even bring along my trusty element to stay Focused.

Besides Jin, I also invite Brennachan and Pookey.
Pookey looks upset that Brennachan decides to sit at a different chess table.

(At least they both stop texting me for a while.)

Hmmmmm…it seems that couple still need a little help.
I cook up some tofu dogs and call everyone to the meal.

Pookey: Check out how Brennachan’s gazing at me with adoring eyes!
How lucky can one sim get?

oshizu: I’m really tempted to start a club gathering with those two and Jin.
The club activities would be fishing, chess, and romantic socials.

But with my luck, Jin would start hitting on Pookey, so no thanks.

I’m so excited about catching a Capt. Fishbones Bonefish at the park this afternoon!

Heading home, I check the fish tank.

Awww, too bad! I brought you a friend but your tank only holds one bonefish!

Does Capt. Fishbones feel lonely all alone in his tank? Or am I just projecting?
Come nightfall, I’m hawking my wares at my usual spot at What’s Left of the Gym.Might need to see about relocating that pee bush! Its stench spoils my shoppers’ mood!
Rex Turbo Pumpkin, no other customer of mine spends as lavishly as you!

Whatever you do at your job at Bosswives must be going extremely well!
*starts rethinking my romantic options…

And then just like that, I find myself in an unsolicited convo with the biggest players around.

I immediately close shop, go home, and call it a day!

8 thoughts on “Murky 1.11: Forbidden Fruit

    • I’m so glad you laughed!!! Some days, my sims doesn’t seem to do anything worth writing about it. I really struggled with this update. Elements are great for getting focused when gardening or fishing!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. OH my awesome start to finish .. when you said “Brains, huh? I know a few sims who have nothing to fear from zombies!” I thought of Don and where did we end up .. with Don. OH MY LOL

    I love the getting focused trick!! I am about to be on that one!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re like a mindreader, LOL. I initially wrote that line about him but then edited his name out to avoid offending anyone but you guessed it anyway. That’s hilarious!


  2. Oh I just love this chapter. How can you say there was nothing to write? Wow! You got all the magic seeds and that tree – wow! – I want one! I haven’t tried sending anything to the Geo Council — actually didn’t know we could do that, Also loved the #keepitclean notes. And I was laughing about the texts from Brennachan and Pokey…hahaha…so funny! And your ending was hilarious – the two players – Don and Paolo. Great chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you liked it–I don’t preplan my chapters and often worry if readers will find the same things funny that I do. Yeah, those two kept texting. When I was in the middle of trying to get a good shot of the magic tree, Brennachan texted me and I was, like, “Nooooo, I’m trying to focus!” For some reason, Don & Paolo always hang around when I’m having a yard sales at the gym. I figure they’re trying to talk up my female customers, lol.


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