DD 3.19: Two Cakes, Three Moves

Week 15/Day 99 (Sunday) 

Kenta: I’ll only stay here at this house for 2 or 3 more days.
Lately, I’ve been thinking about what’s left to do and I believe I’m pretty much done here.
Daia has maxed Handiness and Guitar, and Kage recently joined Daia and I in maxing Logic.
Since Mauricio is an Artistic Prodigy, I’ve helped him max Violin.
He’s too young for me to mentor him in Painting, but I’ll help him a bit with Piano.

Today, Daia’s working and the rest of us have been visiting various spots for fun and relaxation.
First stop, Magnolia Blossom Park in Willow Creek.
Shots like this are no doubt run of the mill for our readers, but leaving the neighborhood is extremely novel for our household and, by extension, me.
Also, I’d like to point out that Kenta has aged well.

Kage: It would be great if Kenta could finish his Angling Ace aspiration before he moves out.
I’ve been helping him catch the fish he needs for the last milestone.

Mauricio: At Magnolia Blossom Park, I run into my brother Malcolm. We play a few games of chess and take a photo together.
I wonder if Malcolm and I will look more alike when I’m a teenager…

Naoto: Next stop, Desert Bloom Park in Oasis Springs.
So Watchette and I decided that the open aloha shirt would not be a good look for a Criminal Boss.
She’s been taking me to a Japanese tattoo artist and, ouch, did that hurt!
Once I get more fit, I think I’ll be rocking this look! Do you think it’s too crazy?  And wait till you see my second party outfit!
By the way, this is my neighbor Tao. You’ve met him before, right?

Kage: How annoying! Watchette gets so distracted by Naoto and Tao that she misses a shot of me catching a sturgeon!!!
That’s the fish which completes Kenta’s fishing aspiration.
We are done here. Let’s go, folks! We have two more places to go tonight!

Mauricio: Watchette had wanted us to get to know The Roomies, so this is our next stop.
Just as we descend on The Roomies,  though, that Hawaiian dude Mitchell Kalani leaves for work.
Too bad, I hear he’s really cool!
Woooow, all of us are so jealous of this crib! Look at all the space and the many rooms!
Uncle Kenta can’t get over how huge the TV is.

Mauricio: Watchette heard from a lady named reggikko that there’s a space gym across the street, so Karina and I run over there to go play Space Explorer together!

Karina and I are in grade school together now, so it’s strange to think that I’m the uncle of Daia and Naoto plus Karina’s great-uncle.
The simverse doesn’t actually consider Karina and I as blood relations, though…
No it doesn’t, actually, but we know you’re related! Neverthless, these two kids are so cute!

Naoto: This lady named Zoe Patel at The Roomies home keeps eyeing me like she wants a piece of this.
Doesn’t she realize I’m still a teenager?  Not that I can blame her for feeling attracted to me, of course!

Kage: Gavin and I are enjoying a chat while the others watch TV.
This a strange household—only Mitchell and J work, while Gavin and Zoey stay at home.
Apparently, though, Gavin is a novelist and works from home, so I guess that’s okay.
But if he’s not a Writer/Author, why does he still wear that ugly green jacket?
*Looks around for a closet to change his outfit.
Nope, this house doesn’t have one, Morgan.

Kage: Our last stop tonight is the Von Haunt Estates. It’s rather creepy and covered in a misty haze!
While the others play chess, I jog over to the garden for some cuttings.
I guess the gardens are poorly lit at night to add to the spooky eeriness.

After clearing the Villain career, maybe I’ll put together a cash-crop garden of UFO fruits and dragonfruit as my third contribution to the family.
You’re asking what my second contribution is?
That’s obvious—our children are my first contribution, Karina and our future son! Clearing the Villain career comes second.

Day 100 (Mon)

Gned the Gnome: Well, at last, Watchette decides to share a shot of our lovely Siobhan leaving for work.
Mel the Mailbox: You know that Watchette loves Siobhan, right? She just isn’t a fan of Siobhan’s work outfit. To be specific, she likes the suit but not those shoes…
Tremain the Trashcan: Whatever. Siobhan looks really determined to bring home a promotion today!

Mel: Wow, look there! Watchette’s taking a close-up shot of us, the Porch Crew!!! *flaps red flag excitedly
Gned: You’re embarrassing us, Mel. Please don’t get so excited! *poses anyway
Tremain: Yeah, haven’t you figured it out? Watchette’s just exploiting us to squeeze in another shot of Kage.

Mel: Well, it’s kind of a waste of the 25-image limit, if you ask me.
Gned: What do you mean? It’s a great shot of us, and Kage doesn’t look bad, either.
Mel: Oh puhleeze—Kage’s the only male in the house with maxed Fitness and she takes a photo of him in a suit? *rolls eyes
The smartphone that Lei sent me is crying this very minute!

Kenta: This morning around 10, I receive my first notice from Grim.
Around the same time, I finish up the last portrait of household members aged young adult or above.
I even painted one of The Porch Crew yesterday and put it in the family inventory.
Kage promised a special space for hanging portraits of everyone who cleared a career lock.
This last portrait—it’s of Naoto—comes out really nice, so I’m hanging it over the windows to enjoy.

Kenta: Mauricio takes a vacation day from school so I can mentor him in piano today. He’s Level 4 now.
Hey, Daia, since you’re off today, too, shall we go to the Willow Creek Art Museum?

Ahhhh, it’s so much nicer here than at The Cube, though I know I’ll miss everyone when I’m gone!

Daia: I’ve just been wandering around the art museum, socializing with sims I’ve never had the chance to meet before.
After the kids get out of school, they come here and do their homework outdoors.
I must say my little teenage brother has the oddest effect on older women. They throng to him like bees to honey!
Zoe Patel is a single woman so what she does is her business (my brother can handle himself), but I thought my co-worker Bjorn Bjergsen and his wiife Claire were happily married!

Daia: When Watchette takes Naoto over by the cherry tree to take some shots of his new outfit, I happen to look over at Claire.
Good grief, she’s walked over to watch Naoto with an odd look of longing in her eyes.
I mean, she’s practically throwing herself at my teenage brother in public! Has she no shame?
Apparently not. And I just want our readers to know that I didn’t stage Zoe and Claire reacting to Naoto. He’s like a magnet. 

Morgan: Just as we’re about to head home, Siobhan arrives at the art museum.
She’s in a new suit because she got promoted to Level 5 Regional Manager. Woot!!! Halfway there!
Although Morgan and her elder sister Siobhan are full sisters, they really don’t look much alike–their eyebrows, their eyes, their mouth.
They are both very beautiful—they just don’t resemble each other.

Day 101 (Tue)

Morgan: A lot of good things have been happening lately!
Let’s see, three of us kids are A students now, and Karina will definitely get her first A tomorrow!
And do you remember Gavin Richards from The Roomies?
Well, I invite him over to help me with homework and watch TV this evening.

He seems to be enjoying himself even though, compared to his home, ours is so embarrassingly tiny.
And Naoto’s sitting right over there with his crazy back tattoos, but Gavin doesn’t seem to mind those outrageous tattoos at all.
I guess he’s not as conservative as his short hair and ugly green jacket suggest.

Kenta: I will be leaving here the moment I get my final notice from Grim.
I’m not sure why I keep putting it off—I’m already 80 days old.
Last night, I went to visit my wife Summer Holiday and we aged both our infant boys into children.

I’m taking leave of this house in good circumstances, I believe.
Kage has completed his career-related skilling, while young adult Siobhan, teen Naoto, and even child Mauricio are over 80% done with their career-related skilling.
I leave behind Kage with maxed Logic and Level 5 Writing, Daia wth maxed Fitness (Kage helped a lot), and Mauricio with both maxed Violin and Piano.

Kage gets promoted tonight to Level 8 Double Agent, having received the option to select the Villain Branch.
Siobhan is still Level 5—she’s progressing slowly but steadily. Kage has just three more career levels to go!
The household is doing great!
Kenta, I’m so sorry to trouble you, but you would you please paint a portrait of Kage in his new tux and bowtie?
Kenta: Sure, why not? It’s only the third portrait of him I’ve painted… *sarcastically
Pita the Penguin: *drools at James Bond look

Day 102 (Wed)

Karina: Mom texts me at lunch time to say that Uncle Kenta received his final notice from Grim this morning and has moved out to northern Newcrest.
I never even got to thank him for mentoring me in chess before school today!

Finally, back from school!
Hmmph, look at Morgan and Uncle Naoto, always checking their phones!
When I grow up, I’ll be so fabulous and popular that I won’t have time to check my phone!

Daia: Hey, Watchette, I’m not sure how I feel about the look you’ve chosen for my little brother who is, you know, still in high school!
Do you think maybe that whole “tattoeed-shirtlessness-and- tight-jeans-with-chains” look is a bit too provocative?
Lol, yeeesss! Naoto looks fantastic and so unique!
In the last shot of the last chapter, Naoto got the same hair but he looks rather plain and mousy.
Now he looks bad and dangerous! It’s the perfect look for a future criminal boss, yakuza (Japanese gangster) style.

Naoto: Seriously, I refuse to go back to those other lame clothes! And I need to work out more and grow some body hair, too. Not a lot, just a little.
Daia: Is that a fake scar on your cheek, Naoto?
Naoto: Of course not, some guys tried to gang up on me at school the other day for looking too fly.
Daia: I’m not sure the simverse will be ready for the young adult Naoto… *sighs
You might not like Naoto’s new look, but at least he looks different from all the other male sims in this simverse.
I know it’s a tacky look, but it suits him and his future career.

Day 103 (Thu)

Naoto: Hey, Watchette, why are you taking a shot of my flabby body now? I’m only Level 4 Fitness!
No worries, Naoto. This is your “Before” shot. When you max fitness, you can look back at this shot and laugh.
Naoto:  Oh okay. For a second there, I thought you were using me as an excuse for including another shot of my brother-in-law Kage…
*sputters, coughs…Uh, maybe you could invite your Uncle Kenta over sometimes to help you level Fitness.
Or we could invite Uncle Sasuke or Kenta to meet us at the gym!

Naoto: Tsk tsk, Watchette! No one’s fooled by your changing the topic. *scoffs

Day 104 (Fri)

Mauricio: No grade school for me today because it’s my teen birthday. Well, what do you think?
Do you think I look more like a Landgraab or a Sanada?
I’m astonished by how much you resemble your half-brother Tatsuya–you have the same nose, mouth, and eyes as the founder!

Mauricio: In the afternoon, we also celebrate Morgan’s birthday who, as a young adult, looks even lovelier than before, if that’s possible.
Later that day, she wordlessly moves out under mysterious circumstances. Does anyone know where she went?

Day 105 (Sat)

Daia: It’s so lonely without Uncle Kenta around. We all miss him a lot, especially Mauricio.
Mauricio: Because he was like my father since both my parents—founder Satoru and Nancy Landgraab—were gone by the time I moved in.
Kage: Well, let’s be happy for Uncle Kenta because he’s living with his family now instead of being a helper.
Daia: Yes, he’s moved with Summer and their two sons into The Craftsman Retreat, a lovely three-bedroom home created by Shewolf (Gallery).
Mauricio: I hear that they live just across the street from Erika’s Oasis Retirement Center!
Karina: Cool!  We’ll have to go visit everyone!


By the way, I know there seemed to be lots of shirtless shots in this update.
I did try having Naoto wear a variety of tank tops, sleeveless shirts, and so on, but the tattoos look best when he’s shirtless, imho.
Don’t worry! Soon your eyes will become desensitiized to his shirtlessness and only notice the tattoos.
Naoto moves out as soon as he clears his career, though, so his tattoos will only be a temporary visual inconvenience.

More important, this update is titled “Two Cakes, Three Moves,” but it only presents Mauricio and Morgan celebrating birthdays as well as Kenta and Morgan moving out.
A third move actually occurred this week, but we’ve run out of space to show you this time.
In the next update, you’ll learn about the reason for and identity of the third move as well as a possibly surprising event or two.

And again, you can find the link to the family tree below the first page’s Chapter Links under a spoiler tag.
Or, if you’d like to see it now, click here.
If the photos or careers don’t show, go to the bottom of the screen to the “Show:” box and select “Show photos” or “Professions.”

DD 3.20: Let Them Eat Cake!

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