Sharebears 1.6: The Founder’s Farewell

A Sharebear Legacy: Gen1/Sherilee Sharebear

Week 4/Tuesday

Sherilee: I hope you don’t mind if I wax sentimental today.
You see, I realized with a start this morning that my generation is nearing its end.
My generation has been successful largely due to my diligent household.
Before the next heir takes over, I’d like to share with you some secrets of our success.

Before I begin, though, I wanted to show you our new sitting room.
While adding the final decorative touches, I felt an inexplicable urge.

I just had to hang this painting of butterflies over the fireplace.
Please don’t ask me why, but viewing this painting makes me feel connected.
Strange but true!

When I quit my librarian job and traveled to Selvadorada, I had no idea what I was seeking.
Escape from a prosaic life? Yes! Adventure? Definitely! Romance? Not really.

But then I fell in love at first sight with the cantina’s bartender.
Ever since, I have adored Jose deeply and madly.

I had no strategic plan to move in a mixologist, but Jose had Level 8 Mixology.
He’s maxed all 4 cuisine-related skills and earned 5 out of 10 points in the Food category.
My beloved Jose has been a major factor in this household’s success.
By the way, only after a household member has maxed a skill do we buy the related club skill boost.

Colt Altman, my former co-worker at The Lab, is another lucky find!
I naively thought his Perfectionist trait would be advantageous for painting.
Colt’s paintings have contributed immensely to this household’s wealth.
He won’t max Master of the Real before moving out, but that’s fine.

He donated a total of 9 or 10 Potions of Youth out of our current total of 21.
He earned a point in the Creative category for completing the painting and music aspirations.
As his final gesture, he’s ensuring that that our Gen3 kids will have a friend their age.

You already know a little about our dearly departed Guadalupe.
Unlike Jose and Colt, Guadalupe had a habit of dropping queues.
In fact, the only skill we’d really hoped she’d max was Wellness, but she could never stay focused.
Guadalupe’s unique contributions were cowplant essences, her son Gregorio, and her death.

Toddlers make earning points for maxed skills incredibly easier!
Toddler and child skills account for close to 50% of all skills maxed by this household.

Our first-born Alejandro takes a computer break to read up on Vampire Lore.
He hasn’t maxed a unique adult skill, but he’ll be first to master Programming,  Video Gaming, and Vampire Lore someday soon.

Benicio was blessed with an easy-to-finish first aspiration and he’s never looked back.
His unique maxed skills include Logic, Piano, and Rocket Science.
And, yes, he’s ready to install the rocket ship with a wormhole generator.

Filly, Colt’s adopted daughter, is quite an accomplished young lady.
She was the first to max Social, Social Butterfly, and Charisma.
She insta-completed her first aspiration, Mansion Baron, and donated 5 Potions of Youth.
Today, she’s been dancing her little heart out since morning.

Around noon, Jose’s elderly “friend” passed away in our basement.
She’d been suffering from a terminal disease, it seems.

Grim: Oh hey, I remember you from this morning, over by the cowplants.
Why are you the only one who shows up to mourn around here, butler?
Tetsu: I don’t know. Isn’t mourning in my job description?
Grim: Doubt it.

Grim: So, what’s it like working for the Sharebears?
Tetsu: Can’t complain! Steady income, light housekeeping, friendly people.
Sweet private quarters with lightwells and an ensuite.
Grim: Rumor has it that you’re even being considered as a future spouse…

Sherilee: Hush, Grim! Spouses come and go but a butler lives forever!
Tetsu is perfection as a butler. Why mess with that?
Tetsu: Awwww, shucks!

Sherilee: To my complete surprise, Gregorio maxes fishing as child.
Even I haven’t reached Fishing 10 and I’m an Angling Ace!
He then ages up into a pear-shaped sim which our watcher immediately remedies.

Around this time, I get forced home early, thanks to Watcher’s foray into CAS.
You do realize I only have one promotion to go, don’t you?
Sorry! I had a knee-jerk reaction to Gregorio’s pear shape!

Gregorio’s first aspiration is Bodybuilder, which he can’t start here.
But he does donate a single Potion of Youth, just like his mother Lupe.
As a parting gift, he adds an Essence of Playfulness to our collection.


Evie Delgato: Blech!
Colt: Sherilee, I do think your grandchildren will have a neighbor their own age!

Sherilee: Benicio had been waiting on Colt’s “mission” to leave for Sixam.
Honestlly, I’d hoped to be the first to step foot on Sixam but Benicio’s earned that right!
He quickly gathers alien fruit, geodes, and rare ores and crystals.

He returns with Mariko Okada, which is a timely but bizarre coincidence.
What exactly was Dr. Okada doing on Sixam in the middle of the night?

Alejandro’s the one who’s been working in the garden lately.
But he has only one more level of Vampire Lore to go, so Benicio plants his own harvest.

You’re probably wondering how we’ve become so rich without all three Sixam plants.
You may remember that Colt, Benicio, and I have completed Fab Wealthy.
That added investment income has exponentially increased our household funds.

Sherilee: Filly masters the Dancing skill at last! Congrats!
Filly: I would’ve been done earlier if Benicio hadn’t visited Sixam!

Sorry about that! I’d mistakenly assumed you’d keep skilling while he was there.

I’m happy to discover that Colt’s two biological children live at Yuma Heights!
Gregorio is old enough to live on his own but would rather not.
When Colt invites him to move with him and Filly to Oasis Springs, Gregorio leaps at the chance.

Colt will be an elder tomorrow, so he can enjoy his remaining days as he pleases.

By this time, it’s almost 5:30 am and I’ve mastered Fishing, too!
We need to get this show on the road so I’ll have time to prep for work!

I phone in a birthday party and the boys cake up before the guests arrive.
Well, Mariko is already at the house, remember? I mean the other guests.

The party is going fabulously!
I make a toast to Jose and company on a successful generation.
Have 3 sims get playful. Check (We enable 2 playful paintings)
Make a group meal. Check (Benicio makes 8 servings of Caprese Salad).

Everyone except Benicio has eaten 2 pieces of cake already.
Benicio’s on his third piece, but the party goal won’t register.

That’s Alejandro at the other end of the table, chatting with Yumiko.
Christine Altman’s sitting across from Benicio. She’s wearing the fuschia hat.

The “Play games” goal doesn’t register when 4 sims played games on their phones.
Four sims on a gaming console don’t count, either.
I don’t know what you think, folks, but I’m counting this party as a gold!

*sings: It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.
You would cry, too, if it happened to you!

With the party over and done, it’s time for the heir to move in Mariko Okada.
Throughout the vote’s 5-day duration, Benicio kept a one-vote lead.
Watchette voted on the first day to avoid having to make the tie-breaking vote.

Thanks to everyone who voted! Congrats to Benicio, the Gen2 heir.

Benicio: Since you agreed to move in with me, I’m assuming you know what’s in store?
Mariko: Oh yes! My Big Happy Family aspiration and I are on board 100%!!!
Benicio: Hey, I appreciate your enthusiasm!

Mariko: I hope this isn’t too personal a question, but do you have the Fertile trait?
Beniciio: Erm, I haven’t even had the woohoo talk with Papa yet. *blushes
Mariko: Whatever. Well, do you or don’t you?
Benicio (shyly): Yes, I do. It’s for gardening, right?
Mariko: Don’t you worry about that. *pumps fist victoriously
What matters here is that your household has 3 vacant slots!

Benicio (whispers): Don’t you want to get to know me better first?
Mariko: Listen, I’m just 11 days away from my elder birthday!
We can always get to know each other…uh, later!


Legacy Score: 44/103

Mariko Okada
In fact, Mariko is three days older than Jose and 6 days older than Sherilee.
So she’ll be starting too late on Big Happy Family to ever finish it.
Jose, on the other hand, is very likely to complete Big Happy Family.

Alexandro’s Love Life
Alejandro will need to have one child because Big Happy Family requires 4 grandkids.
I noticed at the party that Yumiko Ishikawa is a YA now, so let’s hope she got an acceptable third trait.

Again, thanks so much for voting!

Sharebears 2.7: The Boy Has No Patience!

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