TD 7.52: The Jabber-Guac

Yet another silly pun that riffs off of Guacamo Lee’s name.A Townie Dynasty with Leeway/Gen7, Guacamo Lee 

Week 37/Sunday

Our second free day has started!
Bubb Lee finally gets some much-needed parenting!
His skill levels lag noticeably behind those of the heir Virtua.

Kari already mastered Fitness the other day.
Today she maxes her body potential to complete Bodybuilder.
She then completes Fab Wealthy and Mansion Baron to buy reward traits.
You should be less accident-prone now, Kari.
Be sure to thank Papa Bull for helping you with your Fab Wealthy aspiration!

My sis Paize completes Renaissance sim during our free day.
It helps that our fathers can mentor Violin and Fitness.
But she also reaches Gardening 8 and Cooking 10 on her own. Go Paize!

Paize: The first thing I buy is the Never Weary trait. Begone red plumbob!

Guaca: Virtua’s skills are all at least Level 3 by nightfall.
Ideally, she’ll max Imagination before her next birthday.
But I won’t be frantically parenting her anymore. Just the basics!


Hunger wakes the kids up from their fitful slumber.
“Someone” forgot to buy the Koolala lamps for them!
Erm, that would be me. *coughs

Even though Papa Ramiro is hotheaded and unflirty, he has such a gentle soul.
And he is always helping out with the kids and garden.
As you can see, Scamp loves him dearly.

Under Scamp’s resentful gaze, I finish composing my fourth song for Musical Genius.
This earns me 2,000 more satisfaction points from the aspiration. (2 points)

All my aspiration requires is mentoring another sim for 3 hours.
I don’t want to earn any more points today, though, so I stop mentoring Genji after two hours.
Along the way, Genji and I becomes two friends. (3 points)

This is the point where everything begins to unravel.
While I’m doing flash cards with Virtua, I max Musical Genius without mentoring for 3 hours. (5 points)
Immediately after, of course, Virtua masters Communication. (7 points)

Our third free day needs to happen on the kids’ next birthday on Friday.
So I hire a butler and a caterer right away. (5 points).

Next, Paize earns a promotion to Scientist 6, which is fine. (6 points)
But then, Papa Ramiro completes Successful Lineage, which is NOT fine. (8 points)
(Neither Paize nor Guaca have maxed a career so Successful Lineage shouldn’t have completed.)
Gnashing my teeth, I order a pizza for the point loss. Sheesh! (7 points)

What the heck is going on, anyway?!


Since the kids have arrived, I’ve fallen behind on authenticating artifacts.
I still have a bunch that I excavated in Selvadorada.
And the Relics Association sends artifacts for authentication both to Papa Bull and me.

By the way, I think I’ve figured out which ones are from the Relics Association.
They must be ones that I’m not allowed to send away for authentication.
Does anyone know for sure?

Hey, wanna be companions?
Scamp: Thought you’d never ask!

Speaking of companions, my fathers have such a loving relationship. I so envy them!
This afternoon, I catch them smooching behind the TV.

Papa Ramiro receives his first notice from Grim right after that.
By the way, our butler is not fantastic but he’s okay. (6 points)


Today’s a beautiful day!
I place the bath on our front porch and bathe Virtua, Bubb, and Scamp (in that order).

Papa Ramiro’s age bar has started bubbling. Did I miss his second notice?
He spends most of the afternoon dancing away.

I swear Kari sat in front of the TV all day, except to visit the bathroom or eat.
Thankfully, I have the butler and I also hire a caterer. (5 points)

Bubb’s angry because his bladder’s full but he’s right near a potty chair, so I let him be.
Paize arrives home just then and heads straight for Bubb to check up on him.
Her attentiveness is mystifying; she hasn’t even adopted Bubb as a care dependent.

His own mother, it seems, could care less. I just don’t understand!

Virtua receives a lot of attention from the family this evening.
I find her Auntie Paize teaching her with flash cards in the kitchen.
Later, her Grandpa Ramiro picks her up to play.

Before going to bed, I read to her until she masters Imagination. (7 points)
Just to be on the safe side, I order a pizza. (6 points)


Today’s goal: helping Virtua master Movement.
After learning to build a tower, she maxes that fourth skill. (8 points)

And yes, we still have our butler and I hire a caterer for good measure. (6 points)

Bubb finds his Grandpa Bull endlessly amusing.

Bubb masters his Thinking skill. (8 points)
Immediately after, sister Paize returns home a Level 7 Laboratory Leader. (9 points)
It’s little moments like these that remind me she’s erratic.

Guaca: Bubb imitates Scamp, looking absolutely and undeniably adorable.

Scamp: Excuse me? That’s not what I look like!

Bubb: No? Then how about this?
Scamp: Better…


This afternoon, I take this photo of Papa Bull before his elder birthday later.
He’s 13 days younger than Papa Ramiro.
But Papa Ramiro has managed to live on and today they’ll both be elders.

Incidentally, we’ll just be keeping our butler into the free day. (8 points)

We expect to receive the kids’ birthday notices around 7 pm.
So I deliberately master Writing a little before that time. (10 points)

But a shot of my back while I’m writing makes for a boring shot.
Instead, here’s one from yesterday of Scamp and me going for a walk in Willow Creek.
Scamp (sighs): My first walk in almost two weeks and my first in this neighborhood!

Guaca: Anyway, let’s get started on our third free day!

Coming next: Virtua and Bubb age up to children


The pointage in this update got messed up by the unexpected (and definitely glitchy) completion of Guaca’s Musical Genius and Ramiro’s Successful Lineage aspirations.
Not that Guaca minds having a butler around to help with the garden but still… +19 points and -9 points!
This was really a tiring update, lol. The two shots of Bubb imitating Scamp are my faves.

Free Day #3 (10 points)

Promotion (2): Paize/Scientist 6-7
Good friends (1): Genji Hasegawa
Satisfaction points (2): +1,000 sp x2
Maxed skill/aspiration (14):
Skill (10): Guacamo/Writing; Virtua/Communication, Imagination, Movement; Bubb/Thinking
Aspiration (4): Guacamo/Musical Genius, Ramiro/Successful Lineage
NPC hires (-9): Butler x5, Caterer x2, Pizza x2

TD 7.53: Virtually Bubbly

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