SB 4.33: Shake a Tail Feather



A Sharebears Legacy/Gen4, Jaga Sharebear

Week 12/Tuesday

Jaga: You will glad to hear, I hope, that we all survived the latest patch and Seasons update with our hair intact!
Here’s a portrait of our current household, from left to right:
Brothers Ikura and Hakuto who holds Quest, and my mother Edamame.
Next are Maja holding Ragnar, my father Jaxton, and me.

I’ve been so behind in my Friend of the Animals aspiration.
Yesterday, Hakuto finished Jungle Explorer and Ikura hit Tier IV of Best-Selling Author.
But I finally reach my aspiration’s last tier just now, when Ragnar learns not to jump on counters for the fifth time. 

Ragnar: I bet I’ll be moving out of the house soon, darn it.
Doesn’t anyone realize that I’ve been stuck on the counters and table?
Jaga: I’m sorry, Ragnar. Is that what your problem has been? You wanna stick around longer?
Ragnar: Eh, you just want to try and complete the feather collection!

Jaga: The house undergoes some minor remodeling.
We move the cloning machines and various crafting tables into a basement room.
Also, we tear down the little patio next to the Inspired Studio to make room for a greenhouse.
Although it’s the third day of spring, the weather is gloomily overcast.

The greenhouse’s glass roofing doesn’t really match the rest of the house.
But who can resist playing around with sparkly-new material?

We’ve bought some new seeds, which will take a few days to grow.
Until then, our greenhouse is simply one big room.
Eventually, though, we’ll separate the flower arranging and gardening areas.

Maja: Why haven’t you proposed? Why aren’t we married?
My body is bursting to be a mother!
Jaga: Well, since you put it that way…but actually, our household is full at the moment.

Maja: It’s fine. I can wait. Let’s just warm up to it with a couple of dates.
But why are you making me initiate our courtship?
Jaga: Because you’ve entered the Business career and need higher charisma.
My charisma’s already maxed. Plus I’m rather enjoying being pursued.

Hakuto: This is an affront to my masculinity! Why am I arranging flowers?!
Edamame: Well, someone has to master this new skill, right?
Hakuto: Why me?
Edamame: You’re the one who insisted on completing their aspiration first.
After so much time in Selvadorada, your brothers are playing catch up with their aspirations

Hakuto: Not bad, not bad! But don’t I need to…?
Edamame: Yes, you do! Go work on your daily task.
You’re also officially in charge of the feathers collection while Jaga is dating today.

Ikura: Jaga is being wooed by the gorgeous Maja and Hakuto delves into the new flower arranging skill.
Meanwhile, I’m doing the same ole, same ole.
Also, I’m a hapless victim of repeated harassment from our predatorial cougar nanny.
But I have written one of my three required bestsellers today.

Jaga: Before our second date, would you accompany me to another part of Brindleton Bay?
Maja: Gladly. But why have you brought me to this empty lot in the Sable Square district?

Jaga: Because I’ve bought this lot for my new vet clinic.
Tada! The rebirth of Fifty Shades of Spay!
It may look like a fairy barnhouse but it’s my fairy barnhouse.
Maja: I thought you joined the Politician career?
Jaga: That, too!

Hakuto: I finally managed to escape from that ridiculous flower arranging table.
Mama’s not seriously expecting me to master that skill, is she?

Edamame: I heard that. And yes, I do!
You’re in the Athlete career but you’ve already maxed Fitness and Charisma.
You have more free time than your brothers and Maja!
Hurry up and collect more feathers, kiddo! There’s no room for Gen5!

Ragnar: It is totally not my fault that Hakuto dragged everyone to Selvadorada for so many days!
My getting stuck on counters and tables is also beyond my control.
Did you notice in the last screenshot that all my “things” have been moved outdoors?
Yep, I’ve been locked out of the house to prevent me from getting stuck on flat surfaces.
But I’m still expected to show dem da feathers!

Quest: Unbelievable! I’ve been forced into some inane feather battle!
That wily raccoon and I are vying to see which of us must move out.
It’s like The Highlander….there can be only one! *returns home with an element

Maja: Come to mama, you foolish boy.
All we need now for our second gold-medal date is to woohoo.

Jaxton: I complete the Magic Beans collection!
Maja (whispers): Why is your father standing outside our bedroom window while we’re woohoo’ing?
Jaga: You’re asking me as if I would know the answer to that?

Jaga: We try not to think about my peeping Papa outside our window.
And that’s our second gold medal!

Maja: We’re already BFFs; both our friendship and romance can get no higher.
But when I propose, he pushes away the ring!

Maja: How could you reject me, Jaga? After all I’ve gone through…

Jaga: Exactly! You’ve traveled so far and so long to come to me.
That’s why I should be the one to propose to you.
I’m so grateful that you’ve come into my life, Maja. Will you marry me?
Maja: Yes, of course!

Jaga: I’m looking around the beach, deciding where to send my pets next.
What is that I see? One of those new so-called scouts?

Jaga: I woke up this morning feeling so anxious about this, our fourth generation.
We are aiming to accomplish so much in terms of careers and aspirations.
But at the end of the day, I feel that we might accomplish our goals.

Ikura only needs one more bestseller, while Hakuto is advancing in the Bodybuilder aspiration.
My fiancee Maja makes progress with her Party Animal aspiration, too.
Quest has only managed to bring back an element and a toddler toy so far.
But Ragnar only needs two more feathers to complete the collection.

Cross your fingers for sunny weather tomorrow on our wedding day!


Legacy Score: unchanged
Popularity: 112/150 medal points

Chapter Notes:
*This is my first day of gameplay since installing Seasons.
*Pinstar and Mystic announced significant revisions to the Legacy Challenge rules to         accommodate Seasons recently. For details, click here.

As always, thanks for reading!

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