SB 4.40: Veterinary Victory (+ Heir Vote)

Which daughter looks like which parent?

A Sharebear Legacy/Gen4, Jaga Sharebear 

Week 14/Wednesday (Fall)

Edamame: It hardly seems worth getting up in the morning anymore.
What is my life without Jaxton?
I’m absolutely sure that Jaga will remember that the Bird of Paradise is my favorite flower.

Jaga: There you are! I’ve been looking all over for you!
Edamame: And now you’ve found me.
Jaga: I have a gift for you, Mama. I’ve hand-wrapped it myself!
Edamame: Who doesn’t love receiving a gift?

Jaga: Mama, what’s happening? Why do you have a “Gift of Betrayal” moodlet?
I found this Bird of Paradise floral arrangement in our Inspired Studio.
Edamame: Just as I thought you would, son.
I scented it with a Death Flower… I knew you would remember my favorite flower!

Edamame: What the heck are you doing, Jaga? You are ruining my death scene!
Jaga: Sorry, Mama. I’m busy reacting to the first snow…
Edamame: Well, hurry up and stop lagging. It’s not like we can reshoot this!

Jaga: Mama, Mama! How could you trick me into giving you those flowers?!
Grim: Hasn’t anyone ever taught you about timing, Jaga?
You completely destroyed your mother’s exit and nearly spoiled my entrance!

Apparently, the weather changes whenever I reload this legacy.
Jaga has the “React to First Snow” moodlet from when I last saved this game.
But after reloading, the weather suddenly became scorching hot. And yes, it’s autumn.

Hakuto: Gratz on earning the Long-Lived trait, sweetheart!
Yesenia: I’m not sure whether it’s a blessing or a curse.
The longer we live, the more people we meet, and the more time we spend mourning…

Maja: After coming home with my Level 9 promotion, I visit the Wishing Well.
My once-in-a-lifetime wish for a career promotion is as good as granted.
All I need to do tomorrow is show up to work on time!

Jaga: When we visit Chateau Frise to retrieve Papa’s urn, I find the urns of Quest and Ragnar, too.
I take all three urns with me to our family cemetery in Willow Creek.

Jaga: We place our parents gravestones side by side.
Then, I remember that tomorrow is Founder’s Love Day, which commemorates the day our founder passed away.
I decide to move Mama’s gravestone back into my inventory. Sorry, Papa!

Quest the dog and Ragnar the raccoon were both gluttons.
So instead of flowers, we’ve left them bowls full of their favorite kibble.
It’s very late now, but we head for Fifty Shades of Spay, anyway.


We close the clinic as soon as our family holiday begins.
I place Mama’s gravestone on the grass in front of the clinic.
What does our family holiday’s Remembrance tradition require, I wonder?
Maja proceeds to mourn Mama Edamame.

Jaga: I try to avoid a Sad moodlet by reading the gravestone’s epitah.
But that doesn’t complete the tradition, darn it.
Oh, I see! I need to choose an action with an icon that matches the holiday!
There’ll be time enough for us all to perform the Remembrance tradition later.
For now, we need to rush home, pronto.

Jaga: Maja and I have just enough time to try for baby before she leaves for work.
She informs me that she is eating for two!
We didn’t think through the timing of our third child’s birth at all.
But a son would be nice, don’t you think?

Jaga: We’re back at the vet clinic when we learn that Maja has maxed the Investor career.
We’re all so proud of her!
Closing the clinic to take a short break, I rush home with my brothers and Yesenia to congratulate Maja.

Ikura: Originally a loner sim, I would have ignored the Remembrance tradition.
But thanks to the Re-traiting potion that Yesenia bought me, I’m no longer a loner!
I’m the last household member to earn the gold celebration status for Founder’s Love Day.
That’s our first point in the new Seasons category!


Jaga: As of this morning, our clinic needs to earn only 6,000 more perk points!
But I’ve promised Liv a trip to Granite Falls this weekend so she can start on Outdoor Enthusiast.
I thought she’d be more excited, but she can’t seem to shake off her mourning. Poor girl!

Ikura: I don’t know how much help Maja will be today!
Jaga: Hakuto may be at work, but Yesenia’s Vet skill is already Level 5.
She can help us treat patients until Hakuto gets off work!

Maja: My brother Magnus has three blond children.
I’m hoping our son will be blond. I’ve even changed my hair color to be all blond.
It’s the thought that counts, right?

Maja: Folks, meet our little boy, Mathias Sharebear.
Mathias: I’m so traumatized! My birth was delayed for a sick dog with blue fur and a red nose?
Maja: Everyone’s working hard to earn the remaining clinic perks so that your life will be easier.
Mathias: So I can lead an easy life? Hmmm, I like the sound of that!

Kirsten: I’ve learned six skills past Level 8 already.
Now all I need is my next birthday and I’ll be done with Renaissance Sim!
One of my skills is cooking, of course, since I plan to enter the Chef career.

By the way, I’m not sure what the big deal about honey is.
I tried baking a honey cake and it’s not even that pretty!


Jaga: My single employee quit days ago. We didn’t need her at all, quite frankly.
My brothers and I run the clinic with 3 exam tables and 2 surgery stations.
Maja and Yesenia either craft calming medications for the exam table or help clean.

We’d bought all the useful perks except Well-Managed and Vet Coat for 10,000 points total.
So we now have enough perk points to buy every perk for the vet clinic.
And, we weren’t trying to boost our rating, but we managed to reach 5 stars along the way.
It took us until the evening to finish. But can I just say that it feels great to be done?

As soon as we get home, I sell off 50 Shades of Spay for $98,231.
Our watcher bulldozes the lot, switches it to Residential, and places a family home on it.
We’d planned to go to Granite Falls this morning, but we’ll be leaving tonight instead.
Naturally, I’ll jet back to get Mathias as soon as he ages up to a toddler!

Legacy Score: +2 (81 points)
Fortune (1): Earned all perks for a vet clinic
Nature (0): Death by flowers; maxed Author, Politician, Investor, Bodybuilder
Seasons (1): the household’s active members all earned gold-celebration status on Founder’s Love day

If you haven’t voted yet, please help choose the next-generation heir of my legacy.
Details about the two heir candidates, Kirsten and Liv, can be found at the end of my previous update (Chapter 4.39) here

If you already know who you’d like to vote for, click here to go to the external website that hosts my poll.

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